Tips To Resize Videos Perfectly With Uniconverter

Videos have become the most engaging and exciting ways to promote the services and products of a company. It helps a company to stand out among the competitors, and a video can dominate the users’ attention span. Presently, over 5 million YouTube and 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched every day. With the crazy increase in the popularity of the videos, a common issue faced by people is the size of the video.

If the video size is not proper, companies tend to lose many audiences; ultimately, losing leads. The solution to this issue is to something like the Video Converter Wondershare before uploading. The next question that people will ask now is: Is it really so that that resizing can eliminate the problem? Well, let’s not debate and directly dive into the reasons to opt for resizing.

1. Lessens the consumption of data

By reducing the size of the video, you can lessen the data consumption, allowing viewers to watch more videos. Nobody will like to use the data in watching a single video. In this regard, if you are reducing the data size, you are giving an opportunity to people to scroll down and view other videos as well. Accordingly, you are getting more audiences onboard to watch your video, increasing your leads.

2. Reduce the price

You must be thinking how video resizing decreases the price, doesn’t it? Well, when you resize a video, internet consumption automatically reduces. As a result, there is no need for you to increase the bandwidth limit for browsing or even watching clips. By reducing the size of the video, you have an opportunity to cut down the unnecessary expenses.

3. Enough space after downloading

Suppose you have downloaded a small video, and after that, you come to know that there is hardly enough space on your phone. It’s upsetting, and you might prefer to delete the video. But if you resize the video before downloading, you will have more space on your device. As the space available in your phone increases, it starts working faster. Not only that, but you also have enough space to store more videos.

4. High speed

Nowadays, people have become so busy that if a particular video takes time to download, they would either watch it later or skip it. Suppose the video is about a product of a company and if people cannot watch it, it is a loss. It’s because the customer will not buy the product.

But if the size of the video gets reduced, the downloading speed increases, and within minutes, you will see that the video is available on your device. Also, it does not waste more time, and you can watch the video then itself.

5. Premium quality

Many viewers may think that resizing videos can affect quality. Well, it’s not wrong, and you can avoid it by looking for a versatile video resizer, following which you will not face this issue. By resizing the video with the help of a brilliant tool, you can retain the quality of the video.

Marketers, Instagram, and Facebook users prepare videos regularly and upload them on their website or profile. They do it to attract views and audiences and convince them to purchase the products. If you are one of them and creates videos frequently, it is better to resize the video before uploading. Once you do it, you will see a change in the views as more people are watching your video now. After hearing all the good things about resizing videos, the next question you would ask tips for resizing. Here are some tips that will guide you in the process of resizing.

1. Choosing a suitable video converter

Hundreds of video converters are available in the market, but there are many differences between them. A well-known brand will resize the video as per your requirements and maintain the quality. But if you are opting for a cheap tool, you will have a bad experience, and the outcome of the video will be upsetting. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you choose an excellent video converter, Wondershare Uniconvertor.

2. Launch the video resizer

Once you have chosen the right video resizer, the next step is to launch them. Launch the software and complete the download and installation process. After that, move to the option,  “Video Compression”.

3. Loading of video files

While scrolling down, you will come across a “+” sign or a document icon. By clicking on that, you can add all the video files that you want to resize.

4. Customize the settings

Once you have uploaded the video files, you will get all the details regarding the same. Now you can customize the file size and various other aspects according to your requirement. The aspects that you can change are choosing the video format, quality parameter, video bitrate, etc. Once you have made the changes, press the preview button, and cross-check if it’s perfect or you need to make some more variations. Accordingly, you can make the changes or proceed to the next step.

5. Resizing video quickly

Once everything is done, scroll down, and you will come across a button saying “Compress”. Press on that so that you can complete the process of resizing videos. The steps are simple, and there is no need for you to learn any particular thing to do it.

6. Download the video

After the process is over, two are there, such as you can either save the file in the “Dropbox” or download it. Once you have selected the button, click the file and watch the video to check if it’s up to your requirement. The specifications that you give will be exactly like that, so there is nothing to worry about.

7. Opt for video resizing!

Video resizing is fun and does not consume much time as well. Once you understand the reasons for doing it, you will love to do it for every video file. The best tool is available for free and premium. For experience, you can go and use the free version and explore.

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