5 things to have in mind when renting a limo for the first time

If you are a person who loves limousines, you may not need a special occasion to turn the day into an unforgettable adventure. Not every person has the same opinion when it comes to limousines. Still, those who love it, expect its luxury, comfort and security. And it always happens that they get what they expect. A limousine is not just a vehicle from point a to point b. It is much more than that. When someone decides to rent a limousine, they buy not only a means of transportation but also a time in which they will be completely relaxed, enjoy it comfort and have security.

The reasons for renting a limousine can be various: from graduation and wedding, to an important business meeting, a birthday with friends or simply romantic moments. As we have already mentioned, some of us do not need an occasion to ride in a limousine.

However, some think that giving money to limousines is nonsense and hardly dare to do such a thing. However, until we gain experience and try this ride for the first time, we can only guess.

If you have decided to rent a limousine after all, either because of the work or you have a great reason for it, there are a couple of items that you need to take care of before you actually do it. Here are some tips on what to do before booking your first limousine to complete the atmosphere.

1. Finding the right and reliable limousine

Nowadays, the market is simply overcrowded with such many different things. In all this chaos, it is very difficult to make differences and criteria. So the same thing is with finding a good limousine rental service. So arm yourself with patience, charge the battery on your laptop or phone and go to search. Social networks, sites, ads, we are sure that you will gather a considerable number of companies that offer this service, but how do you know which one is the right one ?!

It’s simple: read the reviews. Every loyal company will have great reviews from its customers. They are the best indicator of the level of service they provide. Pay special attention to the problems encountered by service users. You can easily read the reviews everywhere and make a selection.

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2. How much money is needed

We are mostly accustomed to the fact that the price always speaks about the quality. Well it’s kind of true. If you want top-quality and top service then be prepared to set aside some money. It would be best to compare prices. Choose the three companies and the limousines you would like to have and compare item by item. Of course, in the end, compare the price.

So it’s true that price often dictates quality, but don’t be confused if you manage to find a super limo for a lower price. Sometimes it seems unreal but, such things happen.

3. When it is necessary to reserve

We cannot give a universal answer to this question. The answer depends on several items, such as: the number of different types of limos owned by the company, holidays and weekends, the length of your trip, place of departure, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to book a limousine just a few days before the event, while sometimes it is necessary to book it up to a couple of weeks in advance. We suggest that you inquire about this in time and take into account all the above criteria. Nevertheless, you can always contact the companies such as and find out all about the availability and various other options, whether you have it for a meeting, weeding, or a other special event.

However, before you book your limousine, don’t skip the next step!

4. Talk to the operator

You may be wondering now: ok, I’ve spent so much time searching, I’m sure that’s it, why do we need to talk more about this topic?! Still, don’t be lazy and pay attention. If this is your first limousine rental, be sure to call the representatives of this company and ask them everything related to renting. First of all, a direct conversation will leave an impression on you. If it is a really serious company, the impression after the conversation will be very good. Otherwise, you know what to do.

To be more sure about the level of the company, talking to a representative of the rental company will help you with many dilemmas and be ready to learn something new. Feel free to ask questions about who will drive you and how much experience drivers have, whether you have discounts on extra time, how many people can ride, whether the agreed route can be changed, how loud the music can be and many other similar questions. The operator is here to answer every question you ask in detail.

5. Are there limousine rules that need to be obeyed?

Of course there are. We will not talk about written rules because the company, if they exist, will introduce them to you. When it comes to unwritten limousine rules, here are a few:

– Allow the driver to open the door for you. It’s his job after all, feel like you’re in a real movie and enjoy. Don’t forget, you didn’t take a taxi or a friend’s car, but a classy limousine that you should get out of only when the door opens for you;

– There is mostly a VIP box in the limousines. It is not written anywhere that it is a VIP or for whom it is intended, but it is a rule to leave it to the one who rented the limo. If you are not sure what the place is, when you enter, give preference to someone who has already ridden in a limousine, and you just follow his lead;

– In limousines, you are allowed to eat, drink and have a snack, but still take care not to be arrogant. Even though you have set aside money for this ride, preserve your dignity and elegance. Well, the limousine itself is just like that;

– A tip is a sign of gratitude. Before you reserve a limo, be sure to ask if a tip for your driver is included in the price. Regardless of the situation, if you enjoyed driving, if you were respected by the drivers, and even the company, it would be okay to leave some extra money as a sign of gratitude. Mostly, the driver is left with 10 to 20 percent of the total value of the limousine rental.

And finally, when all the dice come together: enjoy your first limousine adventure!

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