5 Reasons Why Rent-to-Own Homes Are So popular in Ohio

Modern ways of life differ greatly than what used to be popular in the last several decades. At the moment, more people have to rent in order to afford living than ever. There are fewer homeowners that ever before due to the difficult financial and economic situation. Until things turn for the better and until more people can afford it, owning a home will remain a luxury not everyone can have. However, a new way of living is on the rise, and those are rent to own homes.

How does it work?

Rent-to-own homes are pretty straightforward deals that are not that hard to understand nor achieve. The basic principle is this. You agree to rent a property for a specific time period, and once it is over you have the option to buy the home. The standard lease agreement does not have to end with a purchase when it finishes, as it greatly depends on the circumstances of the tenants. Once the lease expires, you must buy the home only if you signed the lese-purchase contract. Lease-option contracts do not require a purchase. Usually, a small amount of the monthly rent acts as a percentage of the home purchase price, meaning you are constantly paying off the home while you are living in it.

Different contracts imply different rules. In most, the tenants pay for maintenance and repairs, and of course the bills. In others, the owner pays a portion of these costs. What is universal for all of rent-to-own homes is that they are the perfect types of deals for people who cannot afford to buy a home right away, but like it enough to care for it over time and own it eventually. This is true for young families and couples who have just started living together and working their initial jobs. And where are such deals best utilized? Well how about a state that is on the rise and the one that has a bright future with tons of investments like Ohio. To learn more about Ohio and its potential for rent-to-own homes, make sure to visit this website.

Ohio overview

Nicknamed “The Buckeye State,” “The Birthplace of Aviation,” and “The Heart of It All,” Ohio is among the states with the brightest futures as well as one of the most affordable place to live in the whole of USA. Not nearly as popular as many of the famous states, it still has everything you need for a great family life.

Located in the East North Central, it is a state in the Midwestern region of US. Ohio is the 34th state by area, and has a population of just under 12 million people. This makes it the 7th most populous state. Columbus is the capital as well as the largest city, while Cleveland is the most famous. Taking its name from the nearby Ohio River, it is of great historical importance for the rise of the country.

Reasons it is Popular

1. Attractive Neighborhoods

Apart from the large cities like Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio offers an abundance of peaceful and picturesque suburbs and towns perfect for a rent-to-own home. Some of the best and most affordable towns that have everything you need include Dublin, Bexley, West Chester, Upper Arlington, Hudson, Mason, Powell, Westerville, Gahanna, and Hilliard. You can hardly go wrong with either one so make sure to do enough research on them before your final decision. When you rent a home, you should consider getting a car. To know more about this option visit this website.

2. Attractions

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the state include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the National Museum of the US Air Force near Dayton, Cedar Point Amusement Park near Sandusky, and the Hocking Hills State Park. You can also visit the Amish Country, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Cincinnati Museum Center, or the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. There is something for anyone, no matter what your go-to form of sightseeing or fun is. To finish things off, we have to mention the Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Toledo Museum of Art, and the famous Fountain Square in Cincinnati.

3. Great food and drinks

Ohio loves hot dogs, and although it may not seem like some great gourmet special, the state has so much varieties of it that you will never grow bored of them. This largely has to do with the great German, Hungarian and Polish population, three nationalities that love their sausages and hot dogs. There are hot dog stands and sausage houses all over the cities and towns. Other than this, other types of incredible modern and traditional food options are widely available, especially in Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati. Ohio is a true modern dining destination that has been discovered recently. The beer is top-tier too, mainly IPAs from the small local craft breweries.

4. Sports

Ohio is crazy about sports, and they have every reason to be. Football and basketball are the king and queen, but the state has teams in all major American sports. The Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians paly in the MLB, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns are NFL teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers play in the NBA, and the Columbus Blue Jackets are a part of the NHL. For the soccer fans, there are two MLS teams in Ohio, the Columbus Crew SC and FC Cincinnati. Throughout history Ohio teams have won many titles, including seven Baseball World Series, nine NFL Championships, one NBA Finals, two MLS Cups, and four AAFC Championships.

5. No pressure

Considering it is nowhere near the lights and glamor of Los Angeles or Las Vegas, nor the urban and crazy lifestyle of New York, Chicago, or other famous metropolises, Ohio is quite unpretentious. Strangers are friendly, most people are humble and polite, and they simply enjoy life and love their cities and their dear state. As such, they are quite protective of it and will defend it always. Most born Ohioans are proud to call the state their home and would never consider leaving it, especially for some of the rivals surrounding states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Kentucky. If all you want is a peaceful life with a nice climate and all four seasons, as well as a lot of chances at improving your financial situation and the quality of life for your family, Ohio is where you should consider a rent-to-own home right now.

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