Perks of Remote Working: Work and Travel At The Same Time

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, only 14.4% of employees worked remotely. The number of remote employees rose exponentially due to pandemic conditions. During the pandemic, the remote work model has proven its efficiency and influenced many employees positively. As of 2024, most employees don’t want to turn back offices, instead, they would like to continue working remotely as it provides many benefits.

Remote work models make the digital nomad lifestyle reachable for many employees. That’s why working while traveling isn’t a dream anymore, and every day more employees embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and search for new places to live. These days, traveling and working at the same time is the biggest opportunity that remote work models offer to employees. Additionally, many countries now offer remote work visas to employees which allows them to stay long-term in these countries. In this article, we gathered the perks of remote working while traveling. Let’s explain the top advantages of remote working further.

1- Flexibility

Working and traveling simultaneously enables great flexibility to remote employees as they can work from places of their choice. For instance, they can work in co-working spaces, beaches, restaurants, coffee shops, and airports of the country that they travel. Flexibility in work environments can increase their sense of freedom as they can explore new countries without compromising their monthly income, and careers. Additionally, flexibility in working hours can have a positive impact on the mental and psychical health of remote employees as well.

2- Getting to Know New Cultures and People

Traveling and working simultaneously allows remote employees to get to know new cultures and people. Because most of the time, remote workers prefer working in public places where they can meet new people, and build new friendships. Being friends with local residents helps them learn and experience their culture firsthand.

Additionally, being familiar with different cultures and their traditions, religions, languages or lifestyles can help them build better and long-standing relationships with the members of the different cultures. In our modern century, many companies have diversified teams, and knowing different cultures can boost remote employees’ productivity and efficiency as they can be more comfortable while working in a diversified team. Simply put, cross-cultural communication skills can be the key to a successful career.

3- No Commuting

While working in an office every weekday, commuting can be really stressful and challenging as employees spend hours in traffic or crowded public transportations just to go to work and come back home. This is really time-consuming and it increases stress. But, remote work diminishes the need for commuting and saves a couple of hours that were previously consumed by commuting.

In the long term, this can help employees to improve the quality of their lives and allows them to spend more time on healthy activities, and they use their time to explore new cities, museums, and restaurants in the country that they travel to. In short, they will eliminate commuting stress from their lives and work outside whenever and wherever they want to.

4- Improved Productivity

Working while traveling can improve remote employees’ productivity as they will have the freedom to work from any location they want and plan their days according to their personal needs. For instance, they can work near beautiful beaches, and be inspired by new work environments which lead them to improve productivity. Additionally, exploring new countries will help them disrupt traditional work routines and patterns as they no longer go to the same office every weekday.

Having the opportunity to shape your life in accordance with your needs generally leads you to have better physical and mental health. Traveling while working can make you happier and healthier in many ways, and you can boost your productivity and prioritize your needs. Lastly, designing your professional life the way you want will make you happier, and you can reduce the possibilities of burnout in the long run.

5- Save Money

Traveling and working at the same time is a good method to save money and pay down debt because some countries can be cheaper than your mother country. For instance, if you are living in the USA, the average cost of long-term rental apartments can be higher than 3000$ monthly.

But, when you live in another country where the average cost of long-term rental apartments is between 600-750$ monthly, you can save a lot of money without lowering your life standards. Additionally, in most European countries, transportation, food, and rental apartments are very affordable. So, you can use the extra money to pay down your debts and enjoy your life.

If you want to learn more about the best countries to live while working remotely, check out NordLayer’s Global Remote Work Index:

Last Remarks

As of 2024, many remotely working employees have the opportunity to work and travel simultaneously. Traveling while working can allow you to improve your quality of life without giving up your career and monthly income. By all means, it provides excellent advantages that lead you to a better professional life.

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