Reasons wristwatch could get you fired

It takes lots of effort to find a job. You must have done a lot of screening or interviews before you were given the letter of approval. Considering how you were able to beat off some people who are better than you for the post, you find yourself lucky to be chosen.

Now, that you’ve been offered the work all that you have to do is to read and understand the rules and regulation of the organization. To spend more time with the company depends on how long you are willing to comply with the terms and rules.

Your lifestyle has been consciously structured not to violate the rules and regulation but do you know you can get fired via your wristwatch? How? You are about to find out. Wristwatch should add to your fashion sense and make you appear official and not to be a threat to your position at work.


Unpleasant sound

Of course, it is a perfect thing to have a wristwatch that will give audio or alarm to notify you of what the time says. But that isn’t allowed in all organization. For example, Martins happen to be one of the members of the marketing unit of a company.

He has a wristwatch in which he gets a notification almost every hour to remind him of what to do. Well, maybe he forgot, or he didn’t realize the meeting with the head of the company will be longer than expected.


While the managing director was highlighting something on the board in the discussion room, unfortunately, the wristwatch gave some sound which Martin couldn’t stop and affected the meeting. He apologized and was forgiven. But because that couldn’t be permitted in official settings, he was given a query to respond to and luckily for him, he retains his job. He could have lost it.

Big size watch

Most people see it as the trending thing about a skagen wristwatch. Of course, having a classy and attractive wristwatch makes you feel big and noticed but why the big size. First, there is no way you can ever be convenient while you have a big size watch on your hand.

Chris was working with an industrial company before the unforgettable events happen. He got fired after been paid some amount for compensation since he was no longer fit for the work. What exactly happened? He works very close to a machine that has to break some metals into pieces before been directed to another section.

Chris had a significant size watch on his wrist and unknown to him, while he was operating the machine, some other part of the wristwatch got trapped in the device. Stopping the engine was the best option, but he couldn’t do that since the knob was out of reach.


The machine drew his hand nearer. By this time, he screamed for help and before anyone could come to his rescue; his hand was halfway into the machine. Thanks to the rescuer, he could have lost his hand, but he was left with not just abrasion but broke some of his fingers.

The company supervisor got to know about it, and he fired him. He had been warned on several occasions not to come to the office with a big size watch. If he had a proper size on him, such occurrences would not have taken place.

Too attractive

Hmmm, does this mean I should never get a watch that is attractive? Of course not, you can get a watch that is alluring which you will appreciate and others that see it on your hand. The truth remains that not all wristwatch are allowed in some formal settings.

Permit me to change course with this section as what I’m about to discuss isn’t about being fired. It is not wristwatch got a pal evicted for a job offer. He had done all lot of screening and while on the last which is to discuss the salary and some other things, and he was shown the way.

While discussing with the people, he was asked to walk straight to be wallboard and demonstrate how he will be able to teach the student since he applied for the post of a teacher. As he walked straight to the board, three of the committee members were all glued to his wristwatch.


Of course, it was attractive, and they appreciated the fact that he had it on but that could quickly get the attention of the students and make them lose concentration in whatever they are being taught. He was allowed to demonstrate, and while moving his hand to do so, the strap of the watch gets flashy as the sun ray reflects on it and he had to adjust his position. The question is for how long he will keep doing that? He didn’t just get the job.

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