Take Advantage of R&D Tax Credits – Read to Know Why

Building a business from scratch is a complex procedure. You need to invest all your efforts into numerous factors. Naturally, these efforts require countless hours before you can complete all of them efficiently. However, growing a business is something we believe doesn’t get enough voices.

It is a completely different thing. Your business always needs to develop new products, systems, and technologies. Those who were pioneers in a certain line of work were responsible for developing whole industries. The key aspect of every venture out there is economics, which ensures growth.

Any sort of innovation you are interested in implementing in your company requires research. One of the ways to fund this research, which tends to be quite expensive, is to use research and development tax credits. If you want to learn more about these, you should pay a visit to SourceAdvisors.

Now, we want to provide you with an insight into this concept and why is it beneficial for businesses.

The Basics

As we’ve stated, R&D tax credits have the aim of helping the corporations, that require additional funds for developing a certain business component. We are talking about all sorts of components, like software, processes, computer software, inventions, formulas, etc. The options are practically countless, and they depend on the business’ nature.

These innovations can be of great help with enhancing reliability, quality, and performance. Those who are interested in applying for this sort of fund can do it both on the state and federal levels. Sadly, twenty states don’t offer this possibility for their domestic companies, who should seek federal help.

It needs to be said that this concept was developed back in the early eighties in the United States. More than forty years later, we can see that it provided much-needed help to countless companies throughout the country. That’s why we believe everyone should consider applying for them.

Am I Eligible?

When it comes to the question of eligibility, the first element that comes to mind is that your company is brave enough to start implementing various innovations and development processes. Now seriously, a proper way to do it is to see whether the team that works on certain projects faced some uncertain outcomes. Once again, it is not important what sort of processes you’re undergoing.

Naturally, this is something that should be perceived at the start of the project. That shows that the team committed to working on this project was unsure about the outcome. The best way to describe it is the situation when a certain company works on something that doesn’t result in producing some existing technologies.

When that happens, you can be sure that your eligibility has taken the first step. The reason why this concept is so widespread is that it enhances the team’s creativity. It can lead to something significant that can generate a whole industry in the future. It happened numerous times before.

The Benefits of This Concept

Now, let’s see the reasons why you should claim these when possible.

1. Money-Saving

The first benefit we want to point out is that you can get noteworthy money saving through tax. Anyone who’s in the world of business knows just how crucial this element is. By having the opportunity to have these savings, you can invest this money into something important for your organization.

That’s the whole idea, to re-invest the funds into something that can enhance your corporation’s growth. Naturally, these savings are equally important for all the companies, no matter what’s their size. We believe that tax saving offered by R&D tax credits is the most significant benefit.

2. Possible for Numerous Costs

The part of the procedure that requires the most time to complete is deciding on the qualifying costs. It’s because this is the process where the eligibility of these costs is determined, and what will be the rates. For instance, the commonest costs that qualify are staffing, clinical volunteers, and software costs.

Of course, there are a few exceptions in each case. That’s why this procedure takes so long to complete. That’s why we would recommend you to consult with an expert in this field, to make this procedure as short as possible. Before you make any claim, be sure to consult with an expert, simply because of these exceptions.

3.  Simple Claiming Procedure

What many people will be relieved to hear is that making claims hasn’t been easier than with these. Sure, the whole scheme might look too complex to understand at first sight. But when you understand the whole process, you will not need to invest nearly as much time as you needed, which is always important.

Not to mention that these processes are made to be as simple as possible. However, it is widely known that the matters that involve finances require people to be patient and careful about every move they make. That’s why we believe that most business owners will be glad that making these claims is a smooth procedure.

4. All Industries Qualify

The final benefit of this concept we want to point out is that all businesses qualify for these, no matter what industry or sector we are talking about. The biggest misconception people have about it is that only firms who are focused on technology and science can make the claim.

According to the latest report, we can see that the number of businesses, from, let’s say, more common industries like wholesale, who made this claim in 2021 has increased significantly. Another interesting thing is to see that those who focus on education, agriculture, and construction have done the same.


As you can see, understanding R&D tax credits don’t have to be as complex as it may look at first. You just need to commit a little bit of your time to understand it perfectly. In this article of ours, you can find all relevant information about this concept and all the benefits of utilizing this approach. We’re certain you will find this insight of ours pretty helpful and educational.

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