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Questions to ask when hiring household staff

Hiring someone to work in your house is sometimes trickier than it looks like. Sure, a simple interview would do the trick, but you need to know what you are going to ask during that interview. By letting someone be your house-staff, it means that you are giving them maximum trust and allowing them to be in your most sacred place, around all your valuables and such.

In this article, we’ve decided to write a couple of things that might help you when it comes to interviewing your next household staff. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some things that you can ask when choosing.

Questions to ask when hiring

One of the first and most important questions that you can begin your interview with is the “What made you choose this particular field of work?” one. This is where the person being interviewed should explain in detail why they choose to do this kind of a job, and you will learn much more about their motives and thoughts about the entire thing. This immediately takes you to the second most important questions, which will further explain the answer to the first one.

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“What motivates you at work, what is the most important part of your job?” This is where you should expect the most honest answer, and from getting to know that answer, you will be able to decide if you are going to hiring that person or not. Also, if they say for example that their motivation is money, you’ll know beforehand that by increasing the payment a bit, you will “score” their service. Household Staff needs to be hardworking and loyal. And the truth is, without a good payment, they won’t be giving their best. So, make sure that you find that golden middle-ground which will be suitable for both of you.

“How would you describe your working conditions” is what you should probably be asking next. If they say something really specific that you cannot provide them with, there might be some tension and misunderstanding between you, so they might not be the perfect fit for you after all. If they do however say that your current conditions are fine for them, they might be your real choice here.

Getting to know a person’s hobbies and interests when they are outside of work is also really important, and it tells a lot about the person. Based on this, you can form a small picture in your mind about who they are. For example, if they need to take care of your child, but in their free time they tend to drink a lot, they might not be the best option after all. So, make sure that the person you are hiring has some healthy habits when out-of-shift.

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Last but not least, “What is your education background?” is one of the questions that almost everyone who is hiring will ask. It is just important to know at what education level the person you are currently hiring is, so you have to check this sooner or later.

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