Reasons to Purchase an Existing Business Rather than Starting a New One

There are many reasons why people decide on starting a business. While one group is doing that to become rich one day, others are doing that because they want to follow their passion. The question is – what is the best possible way to start this type of journey?

People would mostly decide on starting a private business from scratch. However, who says that is the only option you have? You can always purchase an existing business and try to achieve your goals in that way.

Many people do not do that because of a simple reason. They have the feel like that business idea is not “theirs”. The same rule counts even if the company that seems attractive for purchasing does exactly the same things as they would imagine.

We have a clear piece of advice for you to hear – there is not a lot of place for emotions in the business world. Would you collaborate with another company just because its represents seem kind? Well, you probably understand know why you should focus more on the benefits you can get from purchasing an existing business.

That is the reason why we would like to highlight all the reasons why that option is better than starting a new business. We recommend you read every reason with 100% concentration and try to figure out alone whether you are making a good decision. Let’s get started!

Some Already Worked on the Basic Tasks

Starting from the bottom is a difficult and time-consuming process. If you decide to purchase an existing business, then you can be sure that someone already finished all the tasks associated with the foundation. This means that someone already designed the standard operating procedure, chose the right candidates for particular tasks, wrote a work policy, etc. Keep in mind that entrepreneurs are working for years to complete these tasks successfully.

Of course, this brings another duty that you need to accomplish. You need to get all the necessary information about the business you plan to purchase before you spend your money. That is the only way to ensure that things are functioning well there. If you purchase a business that does not have a precise description of all the operating procedures as well as a bad selection of employees, you can be sure your investment won’t pay off.

You Don’t Always Have to Spend Money to Purchase an Existing Business

Investment is necessary in both cases. If you start a new business, you will need to invest in equipment, training of the employees, marketing, etc. However, you can choose on your own how much money you want to spend there. On the other hand, when you are buying an existing business, you will have to agree on the price that the previous owner offers.

Yet, who says that you need to spend your money to buy a business? There is an idea we would like to give you here.

For instance, the existing business can be part of a deal. Let’s say that the company is making $100 000 a month. The seller asks for 1 million dollars to sell it. You can, for instance, give the half of amount in advance, and give a part of the profit you make in the future to the existing owner. Of course, expect the request to sign a contract.

The Profit Starts Immediately

You could probably conclude this on your own, but it is good to mention it. When you start a new business, it is hard to believe you will make a decent profit in the first couple of months. More precisely, many businesses do not even manage to earn anything because they redirect their earnings in the improvement of brand awareness.

Investments will exist even if you buy the existing business. There will certainly be some things you would want to change or improve. However, you already established a group of people or businesses that are buying your products or using your services. Because of that, you won’t need to wait for a couple of months to start earning.

Of course, how much you will profit depends directly on the decisions you make in the future. However, things will be much easier when you already have a developed strategy that is bringing at least some profit.

You Already Know Who Your Target Audience Is

The reason why some businesses fail to succeed is the fact they do not understand their target audience properly. For instance, they discover who they are, but they don’t understand properly which demands and expectations they have.

This is a time-consuming and costly process. Fortunately, someone did that before you, and you will already know everything relevant about your target audience. That will help you improve the marketing campaigns in the future as well as the quality of your products if necessary.

Employees Are Already Trained

Logically, when you run a new business, you would want to find experts that can bring you profit. However, even if you find 5 different individuals that you are true professionals, that doesn’t mean they will know how to work together.

When you buy an existing business, you are getting a group of people that already works for years. Your duty will be to hear which expectations they have from you as well and give them clear explanations of your long-term and short-term goals. If they got used to one way of working, and that method functioned well, don’t even try to change it. Many of them will become unsatisfied and less effective.

Final Thought

We believe the list of reasons we shared with you will change your way of thinking. The next thing you will have to do is to find the best possible way to purchase an existing business. Fortunately, websites like provide people with some helpful tips that you can apply if you decide on this move. To start, you will definitely have to collaborate with a professional business broker and hear the pieces of advice he has.

Once again – forget about emotions. Business is yours even when you buy the existing ones. It is up to you whether you will manage to reach the long-term goals you have.

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