Top 4 Best PS4 Games to Play with Your Non-Gamer Partner

How popular is gaming? The current world population is over 7.5 billion people. The number of these individuals who are gaming is relatively easy to determine, based on sales figures and analysis of online data: that figure is just over 2 billion. That means almost one in three of the global population are active gamers! Games are a massively popular leisure pursuit, meaning they would also be an excellent ice-breaker while you’re connecting with someone you’ve met on a site like this. Online dating have opened up a world of possibilities for singles today. Now we can log in to a website to browse through a menu of potential partners, with choices determined by our taste parameters, at any time of the day or from any location. There’s an undeniable thrill in having so much power at your fingertips, as your choices determine how your immediate future will pan out.  But what happens if your partner is from the two-thirds demographic? How can a gamer cope with a non-gamer partner? Easy. Many games are non-gamer friendly. Here are the top four PS4 games to play with a non-gamer.

Stardew Valley

When it comes to games, Stardew Valley is a classic example of a title hugely popular with both players and critics. It’s also an excellent platform for enjoyment for yourself and your non-gamer partner. If your other half is repelled by the notion of shoot-em-ups or apocalyptic landscapes, this is a much more sedate but equally enthralling pastime. The core of Stardew Valley is a landscape where you become a farmer – escaping the hustle and bustle of city life to take over your deceased grandfather’s run-down property. You can grow crops, manage livestock, engage in mining, sell produce and interact with the local townspeople. What makes the game perfect for a non-gamer is the relative simplicity of the concept.  At the outset, you receive 500 pieces of gold to help you set up your farming enterprise. It’s then up to you how you invest this income into your business, but the key aspect you need to be aware of is there’s a lot you can be tempted to splash this cash on, meaning it can be easily frittered away. Non-gamers will tend to be a little nore cautious when embarking on Stardew Valley for the first time. This means planting seeds quickly, but at manageable amounts that can be carefully nurtured and watered. Later, you can also get married and have children, a perfect scenario for your cozy night in. Another terrific aspect of this game is that you can enjoy it with another couple.


What better way for gamer and non-gamers to find common ground than a vibrant and chaotic kitchen environment? Does a game centered around something as mundane as meal preparation sound a little mundane, as if you’d lose interest long before the coffees and after-dinner mints? But the genius of this game lies in the attention to detail. You are involved in every aspect of the culinary process, from taking orders to cooking, plating the dishes and finally washing up. There’s a lot of fun to be had when the most minor slip-ups in communication can have consequences. This enjoyable game is not for the faint-hearted – it’s fast and furious. But it involves teamwork and battling against the clock – the perfect analogy for games in general. The good news for non-gamers is there are a few tricks you can pick up that will help you get the most out of your kitchen skills. Keep an eye on your pots and pans at all times and don’t hold back with stirring ingredients or even tossing them into the air. Also ensure you keep your ingredients separated by splitting them up into their constituent parts. Your none-gamer partner might not have had much practice in controlling a console, but there’ll be every likelihood they’ll be familiar with some of the basics of meal preparation. This means they can quickly rise to whatever the equivalent in the virtual world is for a master chef!


Even if your partner starts as an avowed non-gamer, by the time they’ve indulged in a few sessions of this highly-addictive game they’ll be the ones keen on instigating game-play in future. Widely acclaimed as a fantastic combat feature, Magicka sold over 4 million packs within a year of its release, its combination of classic Norse mythology and Vietnam-era machine gun giving it the violent edge of the traditional shoot-em-up but with tongue firmly in cheek. The premise of play is that you have to create spells from elemental forces as you progress through the levels. If your non-gamer significant other happens to be a big fan of something like Harry Potter, they’ll relish the opportunities to improvise offered by this game. You’ll also find yourself dodging friendly fire coming at you from all angles! The more you master Magicka, the greater the potential for a lot of fun. You don’t have to be a skilled gamer to work out some of the strategies either. If you want to wreak havoc on your enemies, it would make sense to summon a few volcanoes! You’ll eventually get the hang of unleashing killer spells, too, working out the perfect combinations of elements to electrify monsters or set goblins on fire!

Portal 2


In a nutshell, Portal 2 is about solving puzzles by placing portals strategically and then teleporting between them. While you work your way through the various obstacles you might be co-operating one minute, then going for the jugular the next – your partner can zap you at any moment. The puzzles become harder as the game progresses, but there is no denying the fun involved in mastering this game. A non-gamer will soon get into the spirit of this game, growing attached to the various characters. What’s not to like about Chell, the main protagonist? She can fall from any height and remain unscathed thanks to her trusty braces. What’s better than having such a reliably robust heroine?