How to Properly use and Store Glitter Gel Pens – 2021 Guide

Everyone likes to use fancy pens to draw, write, or just highlight some important part of the book. Of course, we all have different preferences and like different things, but when it comes to the type of pens we can use for this, without a doubt, the best choice is to go with the glitter gel pens. Now, depending on how often you use them, they can last for quite some time, but there are also other factors to take into count, and that’s proper usage and storage.

The usage

It is impossible to use the glitter gel pens wrong because they are suitable even for pre-school kids, and they are one of the main reasons why the postcards we get from children look so amazing. Of course, children are not the only ones who use them, and adults can make real masterpieces. Yes, what makes these pens so great is that no matter the age, we can all use them, and not only because we feel childish but because using them can really make a difference while drawing or writing a journal and make it more personal and engaging. All we need in order to create some masterpiece or a helpful homemade craft book are some glitter gel pens and, of course, creativity, and we are ready to go. If you are not sure where to find the best ones, make sure to visit here and check the vast offer that cannot leave you indifferent. Although there is no wrong way to use them, we will mention some of the most popular ones and give you some tips on how to make real art, and who knows, maybe this list would at least inspire you, so let’s check it out.

  • Highlighting the details

Yes, what better place to start than with the basics, as even one line drawn with the right color can add that extra little spark and emotion that your drawing or writing needed. Adding some extra shine to the details can help them be seen first and change the perception of the whole card, no matter if it is some drawing or an invitation to some special event. It can create a great effect and exactly show what is the most important part, as it will be highlighted. Furthermore, by doing such a thing, make sure to use different colors, but not too much, unless your intentions are to make it look like the child has done it.

  • Coloring

Many people love sparkles and tinsel, and there is no need to avoid using these pens for coloring the whole picture if it is something that makes you happy. There are amazing coloring books for adults, and coloring them with glitter gel pens can be even more calming and look even better. There are way too many things you can do by adding some color, and as studies have shown, sometimes setting aside time to spend it on an adult coloring book can relieve you some stress and make you feel much better.

  • Writing

Understandably, these pens are not great just for coloring and highlighting, and we can use them to write whatever we want. They are perfect for letters, postcards, and scrapbooks, and writing details on the back of the photograph because they can leave a trace and almost every material. That’s what makes them long-lasting and a great way to mark and forever remember certain things that occurred while some photo was being taken.

  • Before the usage

Before using this type of pen, make sure that the ink that is already on the paper has dried. This rule also applies if the ink seems to flow too fast while coloring, as by doing so, you will make a much better drawing and also save the ink on any unnecessary spillage that can occur.

  • After the usage

You need to check two main things before you store these pens away after you finish coloring or writing. The first one is about wiping the nib with a paper towel to make sure there is no ink left on it, and you can also apply this tip before writing with it again. The second one is about checking the tip before storing your pen, as you don’t want the pen to become useless just because you didn’t screw it on tightly enough.



Well, it may sound silly at first, but even these pens require storing them properly in order to get the most out of them. No one wants to buy them and after only a week or so to need to get the fresh new pack just because they didn’t store them in the right way. So, if you are trying to prolong the lifespan of glitter gel pens and avoid drying, it is necessary to store them properly. Do not worry, it is not something difficult, and we will describe some of the most popular ways.

  • Vertically

Many people keep their pencils and pens vertically on their desks because they require less place when stored that way, and they are always ready for usage. It is okay if you are using them frequently because they will not dry, but if you leave them like that for an extended time, it is most likely that the ink will not run properly, especially if you put the tips up.

  • Horizontally

The best possible way for storing every pen that uses ink is by placing them horizontally, and this type of them is not the exception. In that way, the ink will not contain any air bubbles that can show because of long storage without using, and the level of the ink will be distributed in the reservoir properly. It is the best way to store them, especially if you do not use them every day, and it will surely help pens last longer because it can prevent ink build-up problems. Besides that, we can always see the amount of ink we have in the reservoir and decide whether we need to get a new pen.

  • Check the room temperature

Those who know how paint or ink behaves under high or extremely low temperatures are well aware of the effects of leaving your glitter gel pens under such conditions. Namely, it can alter the ink and make it, well, useless. Of course, this goes only for extreme temperatures, so leaving them in your living room where is an adequately adjusted temperature would do no harm to them unless you leave them directly exposed to the sunlight, so make sure to keep them away from the windows.

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