How Do You Progress Faster In Resurrected Diablo 2 – 2024 Guide


As you move through different regions and follow mysterious wanderers of a specific look, you will have the opportunity to face more opponents than ever. In a few chapters, you will get to know this great set that hides different characters. In the first chapter it is Demonida Andariel, you meet Baal in the second chapter, and in the third Diablo. In the fourth chapter, you will finally experience a showdown with a demon and your adventure will continue.

While you won’t have to work too hard to progress through the story of the game, you need to be familiar with the different circumstances that await you. There are situations in which you will face great challenges, and many of them can determine the fate of your character. There are also situations where you will want to progress especially fast. If you don’t want to waste your time anymore, we have a few suggestions on how to do it.



There are some things you need to know before you start playing. This refers to the potential dangers that lurk everywhere. To protect yourself from this, you need to be careful. For example, watch out for XP shrines. You get + 50% XP for their duration, which is no small thing. So try to avoid death, especially if you are at higher levels. Nightmares and hell are harder levels than others, which means that you will be punished here when you die. Then you will have to find more info on this website about numerous available weapons that will help you pass hardest levels.

At the Normal level, there is no CCP penalty if you die. Knowing the map will help you a lot. That way, you won’t be an easy target for enemies who are completely familiar with the map, because they won’t be able to prepare an unpleasant surprise for you. You will also make better strategies, because you will know everything about the areas you are visiting.

Kill the same things


If you want to get from the first level to level 20 in a very short time, you only need to do one thing. You must constantly go through the first act two until you reach the desired level. So you start the game, kill everyone and do the tasks. You should do this until you arrive and finish Andariel at the end of the first act. When you do that, it’s time to finish the game and start all over again. You will go through the same content with the same character again until you reach 20 levels.

Then you will finish the game, and you start it in the first act at level 20. There you will unlock the Nightmare difficulty. You should be well on level 40. If you have not yet reached this level, repeat steps 4 and 5, but try another system. Many will suggest different routes, but focus on the system that will bring you to the desired level with as few problems as possible.

Experience shrines

You should always look for these places, because that way you will gain significant bonus experiences when they are activated. You need to find any experience shrine by looking for glowing scroll icons. When you find it, try to run away from all the enemies until you get what you want. Activate the effects and attack the enemies as hard as you can. This will speed up your experience a lot. Do not do this when you are on difficult levels, because the penalty after dying is much higher than on normal difficulty. If you reach certain thresholds, the characters begin to slowly increase.

Then consider playing online with characters who are at a higher level than yours. For example, players who have characters at the lowest level get a lot of experience points if the defeated enemy is up to the fifth level higher than the player who defeated him. Our advice is to play with strong players and have them in your team, because you will surely rise very quickly. This means that you will move on to bigger challenges.

Online gaming


It is best to play online if you want to progress. Professional players recommend a complete game of four or seven players. It is important that at least a few players are at a higher level than you. However, do not play with those who are much taller. In that case, the player of the lowest level will be awarded the most, but only if the enemy I kill is not at a much higher level than him. Unlike single player options, online will provide you with much more experience for several reasons.

First of all, each player who joins the game has specific characteristics which means that the game becomes much more fun. You also have several sources from which you can learn new things, for example, it is not only players from the team but also enemies. Since you play online, opponents will do a lot more damage because all partners ’combined efforts. However, the map is always the same no matter how you play. You know that you will not waste time even if you opt for the single player option.

Raising power with a sorceress


This is another way you can progress quickly, that is, raise the character to a new level. All you need is the power of a witch or enchant. It is a fire skill that will allow you to strengthen yourself and other characters. He’ll get a fire damage bonus. The witch must join the game and have fun, use it at a low level and make her eventually leave the game. After that, quickly clean everything you have and finish the game.


Some areas provide much more experience than others. So don’t just run around the map, because that way you won’t gain the necessary experience. Explore instead, because certain areas have large packs and unique monsters. If you like challenges, then these areas are the right location for you. Do not forget about your equipment, as well as our suggestions. We are sure that with this knowledge you will progress in the game very quickly.