How Professional eBook Writing Services Are Turning Aspiring Authors into Stars?

Wesley Jones always wanted to self-publish a book about his experience growing up as an orphan in southern California. However, a busy schedule and a lack of writing skill had him second-guessing himself. While most authors are expected to have some writing experience, in general, a growing number of eBook writing services means that that experience is no longer required.

Wesley is one of many people who has had their books published on platforms like Amazon, but without having written a word of it. Services like Copywriting Services Pro and their ebook writing service has made it increasingly affordable for people to hire a pro writer to handle the job for them. Within just days of ordering his eBook Wesley had submitted the book for review on Amazon and soon after received an approval. Today he has three books that have sold over 700 copies and counting.

Great for Digital Marketers

While Wesley Jones had a personal story to tell, digital marketing agencies, professional service providers and many other people are hiring professional eBook writing services. As it turns out an ebook writing service is so effective at helping digital marketers grow their list of leads when offered as a free download, that nothing works better.

Leslie Sanders is one of the leading digital marketers based on Washington, DC. She says that the best way to show people that you’re an expert is to offer an eBook as a free download. “It converts traffic like crazy.” The more professionally written an eBook is the more attention it gets and the better it does at helping businesses brand their offering.

Everyone Loves eBooks

You don’t need to look any further than Amazon, a company that built its fortune on selling eBooks. The same goes for Barns & Nobel in addition to many smaller online publishers. However, professionals are finding that eBooks work better than just a brief description of their experience. A dentist in Ohio (who asked to keep his name out of this article) uses his eBook written by Copywriting Services Pro to collect leads via his website. The eBook offers tips on keeping teeth healthy. Well written and coupled with graphics the dentist has seen visitors more than double in just six months with clients lined up on a now extended waiting list.

Great Ghost Writing Does Not Have to Be Expensive

Unlike in the past ghostwriting services like the ones provided by Copywriting Services Pro are now more affordable than they ever were. Getting an eBook professionally written costs less than a fraction with the same quality as compared to hiring a ghostwriter locally.

Online ghostwriting services like the one mentioned above can offer highly competitive pricing owing to their minimalist business model. With little to no overhead apart from marketing and advertising, they can provide superior writing services at a price that most individuals and small businesses will agree is highly affordable. Which is why according to industry experts like Neil Patel now is perhaps the best time to get an eBook written for your business, service or product.

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