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Prince’s Purple Motorcycle


Prince has always triggered a lot of attention during his lifetime, as he continues to do even now after he died. There have been a lot of articles about his life and style, and music. However, one thing remains interesting even after his death, in 2016, and that is the purple motorcycle he used even in a film.

Biker or Not?

It is hard to say whether Prince was a real biker or not. It is actually very hard to determine what defines a true biker. However, we can surely say that he rode the bike in a film and that he enjoyed it. If he did not, he would not use a purple one in a film and thus make it iconic. It needs to be said that he did not ride any bike after 201 and there is a data that his license was expired in 1984.

Purple Rain

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The first appearance of Prince on a purple bike happened in the drama, a rock one, called Purple Rain which was broadcast in 1984. Furthermore, the appearance of Prince and the same purple bike happened in Graffiti Bridge, which was the sequel to the first one.

The Bike

The purple bike that Prince used was a Honda one and more known as CM400A Hondamatic. It was a custom made bike which had an engine with parallel twin cylinders and 356cc. The engine also had air-cooling. One of the interesting things is that the engine had just two gears (Honda bikes usually have six). The length of the bike is 29.9 inches and its height is 5’2’’. When we look at it like this, we can conclude that it was a pretty small bike constructed and designed just for Prince’s appearance. The seat of the bike had hot pink velour inserts, the manufacturer has also included a Vetter Windjammer fairing. The handlebars were also made to be just right for Prince, with his symbol engraved on several places.


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No matter if he was a real biker or not, Prince’s appearance on a purple bike in a film was one of the most iconic in the industry and it certainly made an unusual purple bike world known and famous. The film cashed 80 USD, so, both Prince and the purple bike were a hit.