President Trump and Dwayne Johnson will be the main attraction at UFC 244

Dwayne Johnson and Donald Trump could possibly be the main attraction of the upcoming UFC fight at Madison Square Garden, the place where two of the strongest fighters in that weight class are fighting fo the title.

Very well-known MMA fighters Jorge Masdival and Nate Diaz are about to have a showdown on Saturday night, and are set to be the main fight of UFC 244, a fight which the whole world is following.

Masidval tweeted at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that he wants him to have the honors of donning the belt on his waist if he ends up winning.

This amazing belt was ordered by UFC president Dana White and this time around it costs around $50,000 and has the words “Baddest Mother******” engraved on it.

Dana White made sure to be clear that this is a very special belt and that it was made for this fight particularly, so we shouldn’t expect one like this for every fight.

Dwayne Johnson responded and said that he would be honored to join the fight and give the belt to the winner.

‘Very befitting for the biggest fight of the entire year. This fight is going to be electrifying,’ Johnson said.

Johnson tweeted: ‘Most electrifying [UFC] event of 2019. I’m a lucky SOB to present the “Baddest MF” title to the winner of [Jorge Masvidal] and [Nate Diaz]. Stacked card. Madison Square Garden erupts TOMORROW NIGHT!!’

While the weigh-in was going on, Dwayne said hello to the very excited crowd and introduced the two fighters.

He said: ‘Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?’

Which in turn helped Masdival and Diaz be even more pumped for the fight.

The winner of this fight isn’t defending anything, but it will definitely improve their reputation in fighting circles.

Diaz said: ‘Let me tell you something. 170, 185, 205, 155 (pounds) or BMF title, everybody wants the BMF title. If you’ve got the option, what title would you fight for?’

Doland Trump who is fighting impeachment right now is also attending the fight, but it definitely isn’t his first attendance at UFC.

Dana White and Donald Trump have known each other from way back.

New Jersey could be considered one of the first states to fall in love with UFC and Dana says that Donald Trump helped a lot with that.

Even more proof of their good relationship is that Dana white spoke at the Republican National Convention, because the president asked him to and according to sources the two of them even have dinner together from time to time.

The whole Trump family feels very welcome in the UFC arena, both the fighters and the fans like having them there because of their exciting personalities. Not too long ago, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump went to a UFC fight in New Jersey so they could support MAGA fan Colby Covington.

Masvidal: ‘Real recognize real. No matter what your views are on Trump as a president, the guy’s a (BMF), man. The money’s that he’s made, the obstacles that’s he conquered, he’s a (BMF) in his own way.’

Masdival could be considered the favorite in this fight since NYC is his hometown and the fight is being held there, of course. While having an open workout Masdival asked viewers to join him in the ring and help him spar. At UFC 239 he needed just 5 seconds to beat Ben Askren.

‘I put an end to a lot of guys never been knocked down, never been stopped,’ Masvidal said.

Now, Diaz’s popularity has also increased by a lot, even though he has never won anything really.

Last week Diaz was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) because they found drugs in his system in a pre-fight drug test, but Diaz refused to stay quiet and told everyone that he was clean. He ended up going on a rant against the agency and that he would definitely fight. He also said that he doesn’t want to figure it out after the fight itself, because that would really be considered cheating.

In the end the fight is still happening and you can watch it on ESPN+ PPV at 10pm ET.