Preparing the House for the Holidays

It’s that time, once again, ladies and gentlemen. We are now in the midst of the holiday season.  Many of us are preparing for several celebrations, and may be hosting big groups of people. But, the question is: are you prepared?

With the holiday season comes happiness and joyful times. But, if your house isn’t ready, you could have unwanted problems later on. The following information will give you several tips on how you can prepare your house for the holidays, and allow yourself the freedom to relax, and have fun with family and friends.

Solar Energy for the Holidays?

You may not associate home energy audit with the Holidays. But, there are several reasons to consider it with HomeSelfe. As the Environmental Defense Fund explains, it has become more affordable than ever with prices falling nearly 80 percent. Also, there has been a 20 percent increase in the solar job market. So, people are looking at these opportunities, as well.

If you’re trying to save water, solar energy can help here too. For example, with solar energy, you only need approximately 26 gallons of water to produce enough electricity for 1,000 homes for one hour as opposed to 687 gallons of water with fossil fuels or 198 gallons when using natural gas. The solar energy helps heat the house. So, you won’t need as much water.

Clean the Microwave

There are several other things that you need to do to prepare for the Holidays. While it may not seem Holiday-related, Popular Mechanics reminds us to clean the microwave. You can either scrub the tray or place it in the dishwasher. Using a little soapy water on a soft cloth will make the inside of your microwave will look as good as new.

Don’t Keep Cleaning the Oven

While most self-cleaning ovens save you time, it will also stress-out the appliance, which could be problematic when you need it most. So, focus on the stove top, and save the heavier cleaning for after the big meals.

Check Your Fridge

Let’s be honest. Your refrigerator will be used much more often during the holidays than on any other day of the year. So, make sure it’s working properly. Tighten loose screws, make sure vents are clear, and replace the inside light bulb with a new one. That way, you can be sure that anyone who wants a midnight snack can see in the dark.

Clean the Coffeemaker

You may be surprised what happens to your coffeemaker after just a couple of uses. Now, think about how often it will be used during the holidays – by all of your guests. That should be a great incentive to make sure your coffeemaker is spotless so everyone can use it the next day.

Check the Dishwasher

While many modern dishwashers are able to clean better than older models, they can still clog the drain under the spray arm. Knowing that you will use the dishwasher more often, it is essential to make sure that the dishwasher works properly. Check – and clean – the drainage system as necessary, and remove any residue that you think will add to clogs.

Maintain the bathroom

Even if your guests don’t stay overnight, they will surely use the bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to not only keep it clean. Make sure that everything works well. Tighten up any pipes to eliminate leaks, as well as screws that can make your toilet loose. Of course, it goes without saying that a working toilet is a necessity.

Childproof the House

You will invariably have guests bring their children. Therefore, it is essential to childproof your home. So, make sure you de-ice the front walkway and fasten down any loose rugs to avoid slipping. You should also consider covering up electrical outlets, and putting lamps and vases out of reach. In addition, if you have a multi-story house, put up gates to prevent the kids from falling downstairs. Making sure everyone is safe should always be a priority.

Holidays should be a joyous time for everyone – including yourself. So, make sure your appliances are clean, tidy up around the house, and clear the walkway. But, keep in mind that using solar energy will also help you save on those Holiday bills. Save the money for shopping.

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