How To Prepare For Your Australian Citizenship Test – 2024 Guide

Australia is definitely one of the best countries to live in and accepts immigrants. In a sense, Australia can be considered a country created with immigrants. Several Australian citizens are immigrants and offspring of immigrants who came to the country in the last 20 decades from 200+ different countries.

Are you looking forward to getting citizenship in Australia? In that case, it is necessary to pass the mandatory Australian citizenship test. Here, we will have an in-depth look at how you can prepare for the citizenship test to obtain citizenship rights in Australia. Let’s get started without any delay.

Brief Details Of Australian Citizenship Test

In order to become a citizen of Australia, you have to pass the Australian citizenship exam. This official test comprises 20 different multiple choice problems. You will need to take the test in the English language. If you want to pass the exam, the minimum requirement is to select correct answers for 75 % of the questions.

If you failed to clear the citizenship test, you might be provided with one more chance to attend the Australian citizenship exam. It is necessary to pay the required amount for citizenship application, which also includes the expenses of the official test. You can attend the test on a desktop computer at a specific testing hub. There are several test centers present all over the country. As a result, you can select the ones close to your residence.

Completing the practice tests for CitizenshipTestAustralia will give you more opportunities to clear the Australian citizenship test. You can attend the practice tests online, which includes plenty of up-to-date questions, multiple comprehensive practice tests, and detailed explanations for complicated questions with unlimited attempts.

Detailed Guide On How To Prepare For The Australian Citizenship Test


Here is a simple step-by-step guide that will allow you to understand more about the Australian citizenship test. Keep in mind to follow these instructions to pass the test in your initial attempts.

Test Syllabus For Citizenship Exam In Australia

In order to start preparing for the citizenship exam, it is critical to know more about the government of Australia and the local culture, as well as day-to-day habitation. The official tests might be on the following topics as well:

Australia and the local people:

The indigenous Australians’ history, along with the modern history of migrants in Australia. In addition to that, some important data related to English colonization.

The democratic values, liberties, and rights of Australia:

You need to be aware of Australian society’s principles. Besides that, learn about the involvement of the government and the legal protection of rights and freedoms.

Australia’s government and legal system:

Technically speaking, though Australia is a constitutional monarchy, it is also a liberal democracy. You have to memorize the several departments of government and how laws are made.

Remembering The Primary Test Topics

Any of the topics mentioned in the above step can be used in the citizenship test. It is impossible for anyone to know for sure which questions will appear on your exam. As a result, it is vital to memorize the entire test topics. As there is so much stuff to understand related to the test syllabus, it can be overwhelming.

However, there are effective techniques to start preparation for the citizenship exam. It is better to read the full testable section at least one time before attempting to learn anything. The purpose is to provide you with a rough understanding of what will be covered on the test.

Start Studying And Begin Preparation For Citizenship Test

Many experts say that studying chapter by chapter is the most effective technique to memorize the information related to the citizenship test. It is better not to memorize the entire topic in one sitting. One best way is to learn a topic, for example, Australia and its people. After learning it, take a practice test. A topic practice test is identical to the authorized citizenship test, but it is focused on a particular chapter.

There are plenty of online training programs that include limitless chapter tests. In addition to that, some of them provide free practice tests. All these topic tests are meant to aid with the memorization of the entire syllabus. Besides that, you can select the number of questions per test. As tests are not timed, it allows you to study at your own speed.

Attend Simulation Tests Or Complete Practice Tests

You can go on to our simulation tests once you are pleased with your understanding and practice of all three chapters. A simulation test is a computer-based version of the official standard citizenship test of Australia. The look and format are exactly the same. The simulated exams include questions from all chapters.

The total duration given to the participants is about 45 minutes, which is the same as in the official test. If you want, you can simply attend a free simulation test to get general experience. Keep in mind that the citizenship test is a multiple-choice test. As a result, there will be three alternative responses for each question.

As the answer choices are often relatively similar, it can be hard to tell which one is correct unless you know the answer. Simulation exams and chapter tests are crucial as they teach you how to recognize the correct answer among a variety of others. Read chapter by chapter, attend practice tests and revise all the topics from time to time so you would not miss any vital information.

Bottom Line

We have carefully curated the best guide which will let you have a fresh preparation for the Australian citizenship test. All you have to do is memorize the topics, learn about them, and complete mock tests or practice tests. It is even better to solve previous question papers so you can have a slight idea about the type of questions that will appear in the exam.