Portable Product Ideas for your Home

Homes of these days are not very large. On the other hand, expenses are high. What can you do to cope with less space and moderate costs? This is where the name of portable stuff and products come in.

When you have to make the life easier and lower your expenses, the best thing you can do is to select some specific portable products that can serve you in a greater extent along with giving your interior an eye-catching look.

We created a list of some particular portable product ideas for you that can be the game-changer for you. Have a look!

Portable Air Conditioners

If you have a small home and if the home requires central air conditioning, you are just on the right path! A home that lacks air conditioner is not a home at all. Do not settle down with the electric fans.  Window mounted air conditioners will also not be a trendy option to go for. If you want an Air Conditioner that provides aeration in your whole house then without wasting money on central AC, go for the Portable Air Conditioners.

These portable ACS will be movable and so you will be able to shift them from one room to another whenever you are not in the previous room. Most of the Portable ACS can be used as the ACS and also a humidifier or fan. It will also reduce the electric charge and eventually will keep your home cool.

There is a lot of Portable ACS available in the market and you can also get an evaporating cooler if you want to make your home cool. Within $100 to $400, you can easily get a Portable AC for your home.

Vacuum Cleaner


The most widely used portable device of the century is a vacuum cleaner. Who does not want her house to be clean? Cleaning house is very much easy when you do not need to use your hands. The Vacuum Cleaners are portable and you can set it anywhere to clean your house.

Nowadays, they do not need any supervision rather they work by themselves. You only need to tell them where to clean. They will clean the whole house by themselves. The vacuum cleaners also include cameras so that they can find the obstacles of the house and avoid contact with them.

There are also options for cleaning a specific space if you want. If the vacuum cleaners run out of charge, you will not need to put them back to charge.

When they get to know that they are running out of charge, they will leave the workplace and will charge themselves. You can also operate them with your smartphone. These devices come in a different design to suit your home. You can get quality vacuum cleaners from $150 to $600.

Weather Predicting Storm Glass


Weather Predicting Storm Glasses are popular for predicting the weather of a specific area 2 or 3 days in advance. These devices will suit you best if you are a person who travels a lot or if the weather ruins your plan every time. These storm glasses are available in small size and large size.

There are weather detecting storm glasses that are called ‘desktop storm glass” and these glasses are amazing for keeping on the desk and know the weather anytime you want.

You can also get the large storm glasses that can afford you more accurate information along with the adding trend to the interior of your house. These storm glasses are great for making your journeys perfect and helping you in planning for an ideal vacation. Price of storm glasses varies from quality to quality. Storm glasses are available from $10 to $300 (more perfection.)



Recliners are said to be one of the most important pieces of equipment for your house if you are a person who goes through a busy schedule. People of these days are usually busy with their occupations and there is less time for them to take care of themselves.

But, you cannot ignore your health for your work. For the hectic schedule and tough work, people are often seen facing problems regarding back pain, leg pain, neck pain etc. There are also people who cannot sleep properly at night.

Go for Recliners if you want to have a perfect sleep. The recliners are great to make your body relax by the ultimate comfort with quality materials. These include padded-arms, extended leg-rest and properly shaped back and arms.

These also come as a combo of recliner and rocker. You can use this and get rid of back pain or neck pain easily and can get a sound sleep. There also come with amazing designs so that they can add sophistication to your home interior. The recliners are a little pricey and you can get them within $130 to $600.

Portable Space Heater


Yes, just like the portable AC you can also get a portable space heater for your home if the place is frigid. You do not need to payer up anymore inside your home if you get the Portable Space Heaters to keep your home warm. These heaters are compact and can be taken anywhere you want. So, you can use this in any room you are staying and if you move from that room to another room, you can take this there too to keep that room warm.

The work of a portable heater is not only keeping the room water, but you can also use this heater to keep pace with the ideal temperature if any space of your home is excessively cold. These have digital controls and are available in different models like convention heaters, radiant heaters, fan-forced heaters, micathermic heater etc. You can get these heaters within $20 to $70.

So, do not be tensed about spending excessive money on products that take a lot of space of your house. Discover real portable products ideas from Hello Portable. Rather go for portable stuff for your home and enjoy the advantages. Till then, take care!

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