Top 5 Political Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021

The world of politics is full of drama and intrigue that gets people talking all the time. Whether it is trump rejecting election results or political protests abroad, there is no better way of learning about the latest political developments than listening to a podcast. Podcasts are convenient because they allow you to listen to the news and political debates while doing other things. There are hundreds of podcasts you can listen to, but some will always those that stand out due to their in-depth analysis, engaging hosts, and informed guests. This post highlights the best political podcasts to follow in 2021.

55 Voices for Democracy

The 55 Voices for Democracy was inspired by the work of Thomas Mann, who used his radio show to urge Europeans to resist the Nazi regime during World War II. The podcast is an initiative of the Thomas Mann House and was launched in 2019. The founders of the series were driven by the feeling that social democracy needs renewal in these tumultuous times.

Tom Zoellner, the host, is a New York Times bestseller, who has authored eight nonfiction books. He is also an author and a political editor. His co-host, Aida Baghernejad, is a journalist specializing in food and pop culture and has written for American and international media outlets.

Tom Zoellner and his co-host engage prominent intellectuals, activists, and artists on how America can renew democracy in this era. He and his co-hosts have already hosted leading political intellectuals and leaders. Among the notable guests are political scientist Chantal Mouffe and Belarusian democracy activists, and political leaders Franak Viacorka and Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya. You can bank on the pair to engage renowned political figures in riveting debates.

NPR Politics Podcast

The NPR’s Politics Podcast provides comprehensive coverage of the conversations between the network’s reporters. The hosts crack jokes, provide anecdotes, and contextualize daily news to make it easy for listeners to digest. You can listen to your favorite political reporter explain the big news of the day and provide an in-depth analysis of the issue.

They provide weekly roundups and quick takes of the politics of the day. Listeners do not need to watch the news to know what is happening on the political front. You can also select podcasts covering topical issues such as racial justice, election interference by Russia, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hosts are prominent NPR reporters and often feature influential government figures such as White House or Congressional correspondents. With new podcasts every hour, you can never run out of political news if you listen to NPR Politics Podcast. If you do not have time for the daily podcasts, you can wait for the weekly roundups of the most important stories.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is a political coverage of current news by standup comedian Joe Rogan. He has a refreshing take on politics and approaches them in a funny and comical way. Rogan weaves a collection of conversations, concepts, and ideas to spice up the podcast. However, that takes nothing away from his highly analytical approach. The podcast is one of the most downloaded podcasts in the US and regularly tops download statistics for top podcast sites like Stitcher and Apple podcasts. He posts four episodes every week.

The show has hosted notable guests, including Edward Snowden, Bernie Sanders, and Alex Jones. The podcast has gained political clout in recent years, with the New York Times claiming that Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang experienced surges in popularity after appearing on the podcast. Rogan has gained notoriety for interviewing celebrities from all fields, including actors, MMA fighters, and musicians. He even managed to get a clip from one of his interviews tweeted by former president Donald Trump. This is a podcast that gives you a chance to hear the political stands of different celebrities.

Slate’s Political Gabfest

The slate’s Political Gabfest has all the hallmarks of a talk show but is, nevertheless, a great podcast for listening to political analysis. Hosted by David Plotz, John Dickerson, and Emily Bazelon, this podcast delivers a punchy, dynamic coverage of the hottest stories of the day, such as healthcare policy or presidential elections. The hosts often disagree and present conflicting arguments. But that is what makes this podcast so entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

Each of the hosts has earned the right to be on the podcast. David Plotz is a career podcaster with a podcasting business that covers daily news in different cities. Emily Bazelon is an author and a magazine writer. John Dickerson is a veteran podcaster and author. Dickerson is the go to guy on national politics and presidential elections. In contrast, Bazelon provides legal expertise on different issues and is also an activist. The show has hosted prominent guests such as Jamelle Bouie and David French.

Left, Right & Center

This weekly podcast presents provocative but civilized opinions from all sides of the political spectrum. The show features the host moderating debate between expert guests from the right and left of the political divide. Josh Barro is the centralist host and discusses the week’s news and hot political issues with thought leaders from the right and left wing. You can expect coverage of the news that is dominating national headlines to pertinent socio-political issues.

The host Josh Barro is a columnist at New York magazine and presents the center. Rich Lowry is the editor of the National Review, a conservative magazine, often represents the right. However, other conservative columnists also come to fill in this role. The host invites different guests to represent the left. However, Elizabeth Bruenig, an opinion columnist at the New York times, often represents the left.

The Left, Right & Center is proof that having impeccable credentials does not prevent people from expressing their personality. It features some of the most insightful news reviews and analysis you can get from a podcast. The podcast is recorded on Fridays and covers weekly political events and other topics that provoke political debate. At the end of the show, each host gets a few minutes to rant about whatever issue is on their mind. It is the kind of podcast you can listen to if you love unhinged debate.

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