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Political Fundraising – 5 Online Practices that will Help you With your Campaign


For a small local candidate for city major to a nationwide campaign, all political campaigns and strategies must have a digital presence in the Internet-driven age. It is a cheap, easy, and one of the best options to engage with your supporters, as well as raise money to run your campaign. In this article, you will be able to read about the best online practice that will help you with your political goals. One of them is CT Group. Let’s take a look at the list of practices:

1. Map out your entire year of communications

Although this sound like a difficult and time-consuming task, you can simplify the whole process by mapping out just a quarter at a time in order to get an idea of all the messages you want to send out to your supporters. These might include emails, postcards, social media posts, invites, and letters. This will help your staff and you visualize your timeline and deliverables. It can also prevent you from sending out mixed messages and overlapping with other campaigns. Make sure that you work closely with your marketing department in order to ensure that your messages will be obvious and clear.

2. Make it about your supporter, not about you

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Once you know what you want to communicate, you should begin writing messages that will resonate with your audience. Make sure that you focus on your supporters that could include fundraisers, sponsors, major donor, and advocates. You should personalize your emails, messages, and other means of communications as much as you can, and keep in mind that various email systems allow you to auto-populate names and other information. You can also post testimonials and stories from your most important supporters during your campaign and you can also use the stories they tell on your website, magazines, brochures, and in your emails.

3. Build resources for your biggest supporters

You should make it easy for your supporters to get behind your campaign. Empower them with different tools that they can use to spread the word about the good things that you are doing. You can team up with your marketing team to give your supporters sample social media posts and email that they can share with their family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

4. Keep your donation software and form simple

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You should make it easy for your donors to make a gift to your campaign. Consider using a donation software that will allow the donor to simply donate money to your cause, set up a recurring donation, and keep in mind that you should offer them different means of payment. Include the possibility of making a donation through PayPal, Google and Apple Pay, as well as credit and debit card donation. Make sure that it is user-friendly, easy to access, and easy to complete. If you want to see more information about this software, visit political-fundraising.

5. Set your goals and track them

You should set your organization’s goals and track them on a daily basis. When you track the statistics, you will be able to write more effective messages, as well as improve the online experience of your users. It will also allow you to target a specific audience. You can set goals for almost anything such as your website, donation forms, and your emails. These objectives can include click-through rates, the number of visits, personal demographics, returning donors, links clicked, and so on. With advanced planning, you will be able to stay organized and manage your campaign well.


By following these 5 online practices, you will be able to easily lead your 2019 political campaign. It will allow you to get more donations, receive more supporters, as well as improve the messages you want to send to your advocates.