Places to go in the USA

The USA is one of the most popular countries among tourists. According to the service WorldData, the country ranks 4th in the world. Of course, there is a reason for this. It’s hard to imagine anything you can’t find in the USA. The majority of the world’s most important trends usually come from America. There are also nine climate zones. This means that the nature and landscapes in the USA are very diverse. Mesmerizing deserts and majestic mountains, the glorious power of two oceans and the mystery of Death Valley. From one state to another, you will never be disappointed. There is always something to make you surprised. American cities are also great places of interest. Huge financial centers and exciting downtowns, a perfect atmosphere to admire humankind. However, to make a journey across the USA even more enjoyable, feel safe and to keep in touch with your friends and relatives, you need us mobile sim. Global esim by EsimPlus is a convenient service where you will find affordable plans for the USA.

Now let’s move on to the places you should visit in the USA.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is significantly different from other big cities in America. New Orleans is more sophisticated and mysterious. Yes, there is a classical downtown with dozens of skyscrapers. Nevertheless, it’s not the main tourist attraction. New Orleans is a city where you can find a lot of French heritage and colonial architecture. The French Quarter is a must for any tourist in the city. It’s popular among travelers. That’s why it’s relatively safe and there are a lot of top-notch cafes and hotels. New Orleans is also considered to be the territory of jazz. You can hear local artists playing the music of this genre almost everywhere. The charming atmosphere in New Orleans is like experiencing time traveling. The city is like the 60th in a nutshell.

Boston, Massachusetts

If New Orleans is mostly associated with France, Boston is like a small England. It’s a comfortable city, not as buzzing as New York, but still very modern and fascinating. The city has an impressive downtown with many business skyscrapers. However, there the past and the future exist in great harmony. Boston is also full of historical sights. So, if you’re a history bum, you will definitely find a lot of things to go to. Local museums can surprise even an experienced traveler, even if you’re not fond of any museums at all. For example, the Museum of Bad Art is a place you can’t miss. The gallery consists of relatively bad art made by talented, usually even professional, artists. Here you can have an impression that no one is impeccable, and that sometimes having fun of something is better than being upset and taking art too seriously.

Marfa, Texas

If you want to see the Northern lights, but don’t want to freeze, a trip to Marfa is a great solution. There you can observe Marfa lights. They come in green, red and blue glares dancing in the skies. It’s not only a beautiful highlight, but one of the greatest mysteries of the 21th century. Scientists don’t have a certain explanation for the existence of Marfa lights. Some call them the phenomena of the atmosphere. Some scientists think that the reason for Marfa lights are cars and the light they produce. Nevertheless, it is worth seeing and visiting. Its uncertain nature makes Marfa lights even more attractive in the eyes of tourists all over the world. One more thing to see in Marfa is a famous art installation which is a fake Prada boutique. This minimalistic sculpture looks ironic and surreal surrounded by the brown sands of the wasteland.

Arches National Park and Monument Valley, Utah

If you’re a tourist, Utah is a state where you shouldn’t really focus on the cities and towns, and commit to nature. The Utah landscapes are absolutely unique. There is no place in the world where you can find anything like that. Exploring Utah is like exploring another planet. Some of the film directors used local landscapes to shoot science-fiction films about Mars and other planets of our universe. The state is perfect for admiring the power of nature. Arches National Park is famous for more than 1000 marvelous natural arches of brown stone. Monument Valley actually looks like a scenery for a western.

The Hamptons, New York

If you want to be closer to the celebrities and the charm of luxury life, you should visit the Hamptons. The Hamptons is located near the city of New York, and New Yorkers enjoy spending their vacation there. It’s a group of towns and villages near the shore, where a lot of nice beaches can be found. Even though the Hamptons is associated with money and celebrities, there is still an opportunity to have a nice low-budget holiday. Especially if you don’t plan to stay there for long. The Hamptons is a great combination of village atmosphere, real glamor and classiness. Local parties will eventually make you think about Fitzgerald, Great Gatsby and the 20th.

Santa Cruz, California

If you are looking for California in a nutshell, Santa Cruz is the best choice for you. This town is made for a calm, comfortable life near the ocean. Its beachline is incredible, and perfect for surfing. However, the waters are pretty cold, so don’t forget a swimsuit. People here are so nice, smiley and relaxed, and it seems like they have a constant vacation. So, you will definitely feel comfortable as a tourist. The town is perfectly located, because you can easily get to the most famous natural sights. You should definitely visit Monterey. It is a stunning area with mesmerizing views of the mountains, ocean and forests. There are also some opportunities for camping there.

The USA is a perfect country for an experienced traveler. You can never say that you’ve seen everything, because there is always something new to discover. All of the 50 states are different and have a lot of wonders to explore. It doesn’t matter, if you’re a nature lover, a history bum or a fan of extreme activities, America always has something exciting to offer!