The Most Popular Rose Flower Colors to Help You Pick the Perfect Flower Arrangement

It is common knowledge that roses take the cake for being the most popular flower in the world for centuries now. And they deserve every bit of this fame. After all, where will you find such beautiful, fragrant, and mesmerizing flowers!

These regal blooms come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes, thanks to their hundreds of natural subspecies and thousands of cultivars. However, nothing beats the charm of the three classic rose colors: Red, Pink, and Yellow.

If you’re opting for an exclusive rose bouquet, choose from these classic favourites and you’ll have yourself an impeccably pretty flower bouquet. Why? Keep reading.

Red Roses

Red roses are the epitome of beauty, grace, and elegance. It is arguably the best rose color and definitely the one most cultivated and sold around the world. Available in Oriental and hybrid varieties, it is the most socially-accepted icon of love.

History of Red Roses

The presence of red roses dates back to 35 million years ago. There are many myths and legends associated with red roses. The Romans believe that, when Goddess Venus was running through a bush towards her lover Adonis to warn him about a murder plot against him, she cut her ankle on a thorn and the drops of her blood turned to red roses.

The Greeks have a similar mythology of their own where Venus is replaced by Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Greek mythology. It says that Red Roses grew when Aphrodite was crying for her deceased lover Adonis and her tears mixed with his blood.

Symbolism of Red Roses

Red roses symbolize love. Gift someone a bouquet of Red Roses to say that you love him/her. The fiery red hue of red roses indicates the intense passion that a person has for his lover. Red roses are used to pop the question, i.e. to ask someone to marry you.

Red roses are associated with Mother Mary in Christianity where she is referred to as the rose without thorns. This implies red roses with another symbolism that is unconditional and true love, like the love of a mother.

The different flower counts of red roses in a bouquet signify different meanings. One rose means love at first sight, two roses mean reciprocated or mutual love, ten roses mean you’re perfect, and thirteen roses (one extra from a dozen) mean you’re the most special person for me.

Uses of Red Roses

As mentioned earlier, red roses are used to deliver a singular important message, i.e. “I love you”. You can gift a bouquet exclusively made of red roses to your spouse or significant other to convey love and passionate feelings, or to someone you have a romantic interest in, like your crush on different occasions like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. You can also include a few red roses in a bouquet along with other rose colors and gift it to your friends and family to indicate that you love them. However, it is not appropriate to gift a bouquet of solely red roses to a friend.

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy. Overall, the pink rose is gentle compared to the bright red rose. If given to somebody, they are seen as symbols of admiration. With their softer tint, pink roses represent more relaxing, platonic love. They are a fantastic gift for your mom, sister, or even a close friend. Pink roses are gentle and a natural source of admiration.

History of Pink Roses

Although flower symbolism dates back to ancient times, it reached its pinnacle in Victorian England. Victorians adhered to stringent norms that prohibited the direct display of emotions. Instead, Victorians relied on symbolic communication to maintain propriety in social circumstances.

According to Hebrew writing, pink roses were the only flowers allowed inside the walls of Jerusalem, mainly because they were the only roses available at the time. In addition, their spiral petals represented beauty.

Pink roses symbolized a desire to provide the most beautiful flower in nature, a pure gift.

Symbolism in Pink Rose

We have lost the constancy of flower messages over time. However, this is no reason to abandon symbolism entirely. Ensure that your desired message is conveyed by mentioning the significance of pink roses when sending them.

Pink roses of varying shades have different color meanings. For example, dark pink is a way of saying thank you for showing your appreciation, whereas pale pink indicates gentleness, especially for more compassionate occasions.

A medium pink rose is used for all sorts of events, whether someone is grieved or you want to thank him. This makes pink rose the most versatile of the different shades.

Why are Pink Roses Sent?

Pink roses have multiple meanings. All of them are good. The pink rose symbolizes a variety of emotions, from soft love to devotion and respect. Whereas the red rose exudes passion and intensity, the pink rose expresses more refined feelings gently. Pink roses symbolize elegance, gratitude, congratulations, first love, and happiness. Pink roses convey a variety of messages depending on their hue.

Yellow Roses


History and Meaning of Yellow Roses

Shakespeare had rightly said that it would give you the same sweet fragrance by what name you call a rose. Irrespective of their colors, the roses are adorable to the whole world. So it may be for their soft succulent deep-colored petals.

Generally, we see four colors of roses. They are white, yellow, red and pink. Among the four, yellow is the most vibrant and gorgeous.

History of Roses During the Roman Era

The Romans regarded roses as a status symbol. Possessing roses indicated that you were a member of the upper class. Rose gardens became famous during this time period as the Romans grew and displayed their exquisite arrangements for all to see. But when the Roman Empire was tremendously ruined, the rose also lost some of its dignity.

History tells us that yellow roses were sent to signify betrayal to another person during the Victorian era. A betrayed lover may send yellow roses to the one who violated his confidence.

Meaning of Yellow Rose


Yellow roses are frequently presented to loved ones to wish them happiness and cheer. The vivid color of the yellow rose is often associated with the warmth of a sunny day. It is a thing of exquisite beauty. It brings joy to those who receive it.

Besides, yellow roses represent friendship. They are commonly gifted to cheer up friends and family members. You can convey your gratitude to someone with a yellow rose as well.

Do You Know the Myth?

However, do you know that yellow roses have not always been considered as it is today? Indeed, the reverse is true. Yellow flowers were once regarded as a sign of envy. Therefore, if you received this yellow rose in ancient times, it was almost certainly a gesture of displeasure and jealousy.

What a difference the generations make! Today, we gift the yellow rose to celebrate a happy occasion, such as a graduation or anniversary.

Yellow flowers are so strong that they pair beautifully with red roses. So, if you want to express not just your love for someone but also your appreciation for the friendship, consider gifting him with a magnificent arrangement of yellow roses.

Pick the Perfect Rose Flower Arrangement

Now that you know which rose colors are appropriate for which occasions, you can pick your flower arrangements easily and without any confusion. Visit SnapBlooms for online flower delivery services in your area and pick the favourite products as per your likings.