5 Creative Photo Booth Tips and Ideas For Your Wedding

Weddings are the quintessential occasion when a lot of people come together to celebrate and have a good time. Literally everyone invited to the wedding comes in their best clothes and wants to click the best pictures for the social media. There is an inherent expectation that you will provide a good background for all the pictures.

Photo booths have become a common part of the wedding ritual which is why almost all weddings include photo boots today. But the simple photo booths are getting old which is why people want innovation and creativity. No one wants to repeat an idea of this song at someone else’s wedding. Everyone wants to be unique so here are some creative photo booth tips to brighten up the pictures at your wedding.

Flowers Cannot Go Wrong

There is always an expectation of floral arrangements throughout the location and the path leading to the wedding venue. Almost all weddings now I have a theme or a colour scheme which is strictly followed in all the decorations. There is no reason why the photo booth should not follow the overall theme of the wedding.

If you do not want an over the top arrangement which disrupts the atmosphere created by the wedding decorations, seamless floral arrangements on a wall will work great. Many people underestimate floral arrangements because they have seen flowers being over done on many occasions. However if you stick to a particular colour and use exotic flowers instead of the common alternatives, you can turn the face of the wedding around.

Nowadays, people are hiring floral decorating companies that go according to the theme and create specialised arrangements for your functions. Since flowers are something everyone will enjoy, using floral arrangements in your photo booth will be suitable for all age groups. If you want more assistance, there is the option of photo booth hire Melbourne.

Tell A Story

In the previous point, we emphasise the importance of sticking to a colour scheme or following the theme selected for the wedding. Here, we will be telling you about the magic which comes from having a separate theme for your wedding booth. Couples should be able to convey how they feel about each other through the decorations which stand as a testimony to their feelings for each other.

Photo boots often have polaroid shots of the couple enjoying themselves during the course of the relationship. Whether the wedding is fairy tale themed or not, photo booths often have a dreamy look. The fairytale-like quality is best explored through a dedicated corner which serves as a photo booth for people to know the couple better and click great photos with good lighting.

If you want to get more creative, you can include different lightings to stand for different phases in your relationship. You can also include your cutouts for people to click photos with. They will actually serve as great props and will give your guests a chance to have fun. Need additional help? We know that can help.

By the Pool

Any venue which is by the pool will have plenty of opportunities for you to take advantage of. Most of the destination wedding locations or resorts have a pool at the venue. The pool offers great photo booth opportunities because it can be lit from within and give a very nice ambience at night or evenings. There can be a wooden structure near the pool with props or accessories to give a more thematic feel.

You do not need to wait for the actual wedding to use the pool as a photo booth location. You can do a specific cocktail party or beach themed pool party and use the atmosphere to your advantage. Water-themed drinks and food will go extremely well with the pool photo booth. You can even decide on the dress code for the wedding to be blue and make sure to get a group picture by the photo booth arrangement.

Use Suspended Frames

According to Wedding Photo Booth, suspended frames are a great way to build the ambiance without investing too much into the decoration. A very simple way to decorate the photo booth for the venue is to use suspended frames like a door or in a room like structure by treating it with a solid colour cloth. If you do not want a centralised photo booth location suspended frames will serve as multiple locations allowing people to disperse and click photos as per their convenience.

A great way to use suspended frames is to serve food and have other refreshments underneath the room like frames. You can also choose to add flowy fabric pieces which will look ethereal when wind catches on it. Add some floral arrangements for decorative pieces to make them align with your theme.

Include Seating Arrangements

As the hosts, it is your responsibility to make the guests as comfortable as possible. Planning a separate section for a photo booth is all well and good but if you want something extra with many people do not anticipate, include a sitting area.

Even if you include just two stools or loveseat it will be a great way for people to change their position and click good photos. Since you are celebrating love at your wedding having a couple of seeds also becomes poetic. It gives other couples a chance to click photos together with a good backdrop without having to awkwardly stand beside each other.

The Takeaway

There can be many other ways in which you can be creative with the decoration of the photo books at your wedding. It all depends on the venue, the season and your guest list. If you do not have a theme for the wedding then you can easily pick an unrelated one for the photo booth. Do not hesitate to contact professionals and explain your vision to them. Be open and imaginative with your ideas and do not forget to have fun.