Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer To Handle Your Injury Case

There are numerous situations and various kinds of accidents that come under personal injury claims. For example, injuries from a bike accident, falling over on others’ equity or getting bites from a dog, and many more. All the mentioned elements are evaluated as personal injury. However, your total injuries create a crucial disparity in processing the claim.

In a few circumstances, you can handle the injury case by yourself. So there is no requirement for a personal injury lawyer to deal with your injury lawsuit. However, it is vital to talk with an accident advocate before concluding how to begin the case. The personal injury attorney will help in reviewing the claim and clarify your legal rights. In short, based on the level of injuries and their severity, you can determine whether you need a personal injury lawyer to handle the legal elements of the incident.

When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are looking for a family-focused personal injury law firm, make sure you check out bergen law, which has experience of about 45 years with skilled personal injury lawyers. As attorneys are experts who are knowledgeable in particulars of the law, they will use every detail to get the right judgment for their clients. Below we will describe a few situations where it is beneficial to get a personal injury lawyer to deal with your case.

When Injuries Are Not Minor As You Believe

Some people are hesitant to employ a lawyer for injuries that look like minor wounds. For instance, when you become the victim of a car accident, get wounds on your hands, and trivial scratches on your legs and head, sometimes you might think it is not essential to contact a personal injury attorney.

In addition to that, if the car driver or their insurance company is not paying your medical expenses, you will need the personal injury lawyer so that they will compensate your injury bills along with extra payment. Hence, even if they seem like minor injuries for you, it is better to consult a lawyer.

Let’s say that you have accepted the settlement offer given by the person because of who you got into the car accident. In that case, you can not take any legal action if your injuries become severe. It is because you already got the compensation from the other party. Thus, if you have a lawyer, he or she will instruct you not to take the money from the offender until you understand the complications of your injuries.

When you are suffering from severe injuries, you have to hire a personal injury lawyer because of the following reasons:

  • Your attorney can assist you in the whole procedure to obtain the entire details of your injuries.
  • Lawyers are professionals when it comes to negotiations, so your attorney can enhance your compensation.
  • The defendants and insurance companies will accept your claim quickly and more seriously if a skilled lawyer represents you.

Not Accepting Your Claims Or Delaying Payments

Sometimes, the insurance companies might deny your claim, which can result in wreckage and anxiety in several victims. It is because the victims have to deal with their injuries, guide their recovery, pay expensive medical expenses, and many others. A lawyer can take legal actions against those insurance firms who refuse your claim.

In addition to that, if the car driver (offender) or the insurance corporation is delaying the reply to your injury claim or does not give you the compensation, having an experienced lawyer is relatively effective. Plus, your attorney can negotiate the money if they are providing a low settlement offer to the victim.

When You Are Not Confident To Handle Your Case

If you do not possess any prior knowledge about the court system or do not have time to learn about them, it is necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. Hence, keep in mind to hire a skilled lawyer with previous working experience so he or she can deal with the whole process, such as trials, courtroom judgments, and more. To know more, you can visit this website.

When Can You Manage Your Own Case

Like we said previously, it is not mandatory to hire a lawyer for your injury all the time. There are some situations where you can solely handle the claim process. Below are some examples:

You Got Into The Accident With No Or Little Injuries

If you did not get any wounds or got only small injuries after the accident, you can ask the offender to pay for your medical bills. Other than that, it is better not to get into the hassle of consulting law firms.

When You Are Under No-fault State

The no-fault rules will not permit you to take charges on the offender unless you have specific severity of injuries. However, if your injuries are serious, you can choose to hire a personal injury lawyer.

When You Are Obtaining Ultimate Compensation

If the defendant or insurance companies are paying your medical injury expenses and offering you a heavy sum of money as compensation, there is no need to get a lawyer. But, if they give only a small settlement offer, you can ask your lawyer to negotiate with them.

When You Can Negotiate Efficiently With An The Offender

If you are comfortable and feel certain about negotiating with the other party, for example, the offender or insurance firms, there is no need to get a personal injury lawyer.

When You Are Aware Of Law And Settlement Process

If you are confident enough to learn or have general awareness about the essential laws and settlement process related to personal injuries, it is best to do it yourself, rather than hiring a lawyer.

Final Word


There are specific deadlines to file a personal injury lawsuit, so make sure not to miss those timings, so you would not lose your right to get a judicial remedy for the issue. Hence, do not waste too much time hiring a personal injury lawyer, such as Ankin Law, and discuss with your attorney as fast as possible. As several lawyers give free consultation services, it is relatively effective to contact them.