The Big Differences Between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royals

Persona 5 Royal is basically a game like Persona 5, but it includes a lot of new material that improves upon the first title. Persona 5 Royal includes two new characters (Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki), an additional semester of the school year with new events, new cutscenes, and much more. It is not just a DLC that adds a new chapter to the existing game.

If you choose between playing Persona 5 Royal and the original game, Persona 5 Royal will provide you with a completely different experience. Persona 5 Royal is an enlarged version of the original game. Even if the two have a similar broad plot, the second offers more substance and will be a far richer experience. Many supporters would advise playing the most recent game if you had the choice between them.

Is there a sequel to Persona 5 Royal?

In a strict sense, Persona 5 Royal is not a follow-up to Persona 5. However, you might argue that the game is a sequel to Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden because it expands on the first material in Persona 5. Fans of the series have contended that the game merits a real sequel because Persona 5 Strikers, the sequel, didn’t necessarily continue the storylines from the first game.

Persona 6 has long been rumored to be in production by Atlus, yet the company has yet to confirm a new game in the Persona series officially. Even though there won’t be a new game in the popular series, it might take a few more years before it is released on consoles, depending on when (or when) the company announces that the game is in development.

Despite having less time, Persona 5 Royal vs persona 5  feels like a significant advance to these prior releases because of its numerous fundamental distinctions. This fantastic game has been improved with a ton of fresh material and some startling changes to the monsters and gameplay mechanics from the initial release.

Kasumi Yoshizawa, a new character added to the Phantom Thieves with her Persona and Social Link quest to learn about her background, is the inclusion that is the most obvious and crucial to the game. On a mechanical level, this expands your team-building possibilities and provides you access to a variety of Bless abilities for a wide array of new assaults.

What are the new changes in the new sequel persona 5 royal:

● Velvet Room Challenge Fights

In addition to replaying, it on New Game Plus, an extensive range of post-game stuff is another significant improvement to the game. One of the largest of them is a variety of Challenge Fights in the Velvet Room that include some of the NPCs from the game and even previous Persona 3 and Persona 4 protagonists.

This is a fantastic addition, especially for ardent gamers looking to take on more challenging content. The rewards for overcoming these challenging battles are plentiful in terms of items and experience. What matters most is how you can describe how you built up your character to face such formidable opponents.

● The Thieves Den

There is also a sizable amount of secret unlocked content available through the Thieves Den. A hideout where you and the Phantom Thieves may hang out, and talk is part of the new update. Although hanging out here can be entertaining, completing tasks and interacting with them will reveal behind-the-scenes materials like concept art and music.

Even though this may seem insignificant in the scheme of things, hanging out in the Thieves Den is a lot of fun just for the extra chat. However, if you’re a completionism, owning these treasures allows you to complete more bubbles, giving you even more to do than in the first Persona 5.

● The Kichijoji Jazz Club

A Jazz Club is a brand-new hangout in Kichijoji that you should check out because it includes many more character-building activities. This section is where you can socialize, play games to improve your stats, and even sip a daily cocktail to improve the battle stats of your party members.

This is a pleasant site to visit, but the ability to fundamentally alter your squad is a tremendous advantage for those who wish to play the game in a unique or unorthodox way. If you have some extra cash and don’t enjoy engaging in many extracurricular activities, you’ll find a lot of value in going there.

● New Battle Themes

This modification is immensely reviving and essential for anyone playing for the second time. After so many hours, repeatedly listening to the same song’s opening verse becomes monotonous. Compared to the original fight song, the quality of these new themes is debatable, but they spice things up quite effectively.

● Morgana Takes a Backseat

While this may appear insignificant in the broad scheme of things, one of the most significant changes in Persona 5 Royal is the frequency with which Morgana will converse with you. Due to Morgana asking you to go to bed despite all the things you might want to do at night, the original game was the target of countless memes.

Thankfully, there is far less of it in this game, thanks partly to brand-new activities like the Jazz Club, which gives you things to do in the evening. Additionally, having Morgana at your side constantly makes her much less annoying, significantly improving the game’s social aspects.

● Mementos Stamps

Another change to the gameplay ultimately feels more like a tweak than an actual enhancement in the quality of life. Compared to palaces, remembrances can be challenging to navigate and fight in. Aside from completing specific social link events, it seems pointless to frequently visit and grind in mementos.

Stamps make it more tolerable because they provide gaming enhancements that make the random creatures feel rewarded and pass much more quickly. Although it could have been better in the first game, it feels much more worthwhile to play through today for the side missions and experience points.

● Improved Shadow Sae Fight

Persona 5 Royal improved the pleasure of the battle with Madarame, but Sae’s battle went from terrible to one of the most intriguing. The original game uses very little chance despite being set in a casino and having a solid gambling motif. The results of the roulette are few, and it is completed swiftly.

Sae uses roulette to choose her strikes in the updated game edition, resulting in more elemental moves and more variety in your encounters. Because of this, it feels more like a dramatic clash against a person who rules over her territory than just another boss battle to advance the plot.


Persona 5 Royal is essentially Persona 5 with added content. The additional plot and character stuff you get in Persona 5 Royal differs from a game-of-the-year edition, though; Persona 5 players can’t access it. Additionally, since Persona 5 Royal does not include the DLC you purchased for Persona 5, you must purchase it again. However, if they follow the same strategy as they did for the Japanese release, it might be advantageous to purchase the game early. The price of all DLC, not just certain types, for the Japanese release was reduced.