The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner – How to Surprise Your Partner

February 14th is a very special day for those who share their life as a couple. Although love should be shown every day, it is nice to take advantage of this date as an excuse to do something nice for someone we love and celebrate love.

If you are thinking about dazzling your partner on Valentine’s Day, you have to remember that whatever you make will be more meaningful to the person who loves you.

Giving a gift is fine, but don’t limit yourself. Instead, create a moment of intimacy and share very special enjoyment. Here are some ideas to delight your partner in a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner.

Prepare A Special Dish

The meal will be the main activity. That’s why you must show off. You can choose a novel menu to surprise your partner or their favorite dish. If you want to innovate and differentiate this night from the others, these are the most original ideas for dishes for a romantic dinner:

  • Fish with cream potatoes
  • Pasta with four cheese sauces
  • Lamb with sweet potato puree
  • Sushi
  • Baked salmon
  • Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce
  • Lasagna

If you put so much effort into your food, show off with a good dessert.

  • Strawberries with chocolates
  • Chocolate bonbons
  • Yogurt and strawberry cake
  • Red fruit cheesecake
  • Chocolate truffles

Dare to delight your partner with one of these tasty desserts. It is a date on which sweetness cannot be missing.

Decorate according to the theme

You may share dinner with your partner daily, but the decorated atmosphere will surely be appropriate for this occasion. Some decorative ideas for a valentine’s dinner are:



Flowers are a classic way to show love. Red roses are characteristic of Valentine’s Day because of the romanticism they symbolize. But you can also opt for other options such as orchids, carnations or gardenias.



Nothing better for a romantic and harmonious atmosphere than scented candles. In addition, they will leave a table illuminated and decorated in a very aesthetic way. Use fragrances your partner likes, and your dinner will be pleasant for all the senses. It will never be forgotten.


If you like handmade art and want to make homemade decorations, you can opt for origami hearts. You can place them on the table, hang them from the ceiling or stick them on the wall.

Organize their Favorite Activity

After dinner, you can plan an activity you know your partner enjoys, always thinking about their interests and passions.

  • Watch their favorite movie or a new release.
  • An evening walk
  • Eating dessert at a picnic under the stars
  • Drawing while sharing a glass of wine
  • Going to a show
  • Play board games

Maybe it’s a plan you don’t regularly make because you don’t like it that much, but it’s a day to treat your partner and make them happy.

Give A Meaningful Gift


A good gift is not measured by the money you spend. Instead, it’s a good gift when it has practical utility and personal, symbolic value. Here are some meaningful gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Portrait Holder

This is a simple gift but no less special. A picture frame with the style of your home or room and a photo of a very special moment is a very good choice. Every time your partner looks at it, they will be able to remember that beautiful moment you spent together, and maybe it will make them smile when they see it. It is also a home decoration that always stays in style.



In ancient Europe, chocolate was linked to love and lust. Therefore, if a man gave a lady chocolate, it was interpreted as seeking her love. Nowadays, chocolates are used as gifts in various situations. However, the tradition of giving them to each other to show their love remains.


It is a special gift because it is personal. Most people may like chocolates, but you need to know the other person and the fragrances they identify with to buy perfume.


Suppose you give earrings, chains, bracelets, rings or a watch. You are giving something that will accompany the person at all times. They will take something of you with them wherever they go. Giving jewelry as a gift represents love and commitment. That’s why they are usually given on dates like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries.

Video With Photos

Not everything has to involve an economic expense. You can put together a video by compiling photos and videos. Your video can make them laugh or even cry with emotion. It will be a perfect moment on the valentine’s night you are planning.


Nowadays, we use social networks to show our love through text. The problem is that many times conversations get deleted, and posts expire.

The handmade letter is a tangible token of love for the one you love. You can open your heart more intimately than on a social network; they will always keep it with them.

You can innovate and use some alternatives to the traditional letter. For example, give a jar with 50 reasons why you love them and many small pieces of paper expressing your love. It will work as an ornament with the same sentimental value as a handwritten letter.



Find a destination close enough so you can spend a whole day together in a different place. Make a schedule with the activities you can do there, and if necessary, make reservations. It will be a day when your partner will not have to worry about anything but enjoy. You will be able to get out of the routine for a while to do out-of-the-ordinary activities just the two of you.


If you consider all of the above points and choose based on your partner’s tastes, you will enjoy a perfect evening. A nice dinner, a gift, and sharing your favorite plan is the best thing you can give to your partner.

To the valentine’s day plan, add the details. Wear the outfit your partner loves, use the perfume they like the most, and play their favorite music in the background and everything you can think of. The love put in the details will make everything beautiful.