Top PDF File Editors to Users to Use

A PDF (portable document format) document is a very popular type of document that can be presented and transferred easily. For the sender, transferring a PDF document file is more convenient than a Word Doc file because the entire formatting remains the same, regardless of what device the receiver is using.

However, the main problem people experience when dealing with PDFs is editing or converting the file. Sometimes, you’ll need to modify the document, whether it’s adding or removing text, images, or splitting up pages. Luckily, there are many PDF editors and PDF converters that can be used easily. Here are the top PDF editors you can use!

Online PDF editors

Online PDF editing services are arguably the most convenient since you don’t need to download and install additional software on your device. Instead, you just need to open up the site, upload your PDF file or files, and begin editing them. Best of all, you can use these services on your computer or mobile device.

Here are some of the top online PDF editors you should give a try.

1. SmallPDF

SmallPDF is a paid online PDF editor and PDF converter that also offers a desktop version to work offline. It offers features like splitting, merging, rotating, compressing, and deleting PDF pages. In the Edit mode, you can add text, images, and shapes. You can go for this one if you are only looking for simple editing tools. SmallPDF offers a free 7-day trial for new users.

2. PDFUnlock

PDFUnlock is one of the simpler online PDF editors available. You can upload the PDF document you want to edit or convert by its URL or select it from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive, then unlock it to start editing. It’s a free-to-use site that can be confusing at times due to its user interface, but it certainly does the trick.

3. PDFChef

PDFChef is a fast and easy all-in-one online editor for PDF documents. Since it’s an online service, it can be easily used to edit PDF whether you’re using Windows or Mac. PDFChef enables you to merge, rotate, as well as reorder, delete, and split PDF pages and extract images from PDF. You can also convert PDF documents to and from any other formats, such as DOCdoc, XLSxls, JPEGjpg, PPTppt, and many, many more. It is a simple PDF tool that new users can easily understand and master without taking much time. All of the features are available for free and without extra charges. There’s also a handy desktop version of PDFChef you can download from the site and use when an internet connection is not available to you.

Desktop PDF editors

If you prefer to use a desktop PDF editor, you should consider giving any of these options a try.

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is the go-to PDF tool for countless people. It’s not free, but it comes with all sorts of premium features you won’t find in online PDF editors. With its full-page editing tools, you can adjust text, modify formats, and do so much more than with an  average offline editor. It also offers automatic spell check to help you produce an error-free document, as well as a feature to match fonts and images. It is available for both desktops and mobile devices.

2. iLovePDF

iLovePDF helps you manage, organize, compress, merge, and convert PDF files to and from DOC, JPEG, and other formats. It also includes features like download link management, PDF splitting, watermark addition, and converting to and from PDF. iLovePDF offers two free plans and one paid plan, which differ based on the number and size of PDF files you want to edit.

3. LibreOffice

If you’re looking for both a PDF editor and an alternative to Microsoft Office, then we recommend giving LibreOffice a try. This free software isn’t specific to just modifying PDF documents, but it also offers a range of software that gives Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint a run for their money. The PDF editor includes features like extracting, renaming, copying, moving, and uploading. There’s a slight learning curve for new users, but you should get the hang of using it quickly.

Mobile PDF editors

For those who are constantly on-the-go and have easier access to their mobile phones than their desktop computers, these mobile PDF editors are for you. Take a look at the top three mobile PDF editors below.

1. Xodo

Xodo is a mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS. It offers quite a few PDF editing features, such as adding images, text boxes, shapes, signatures, and so on. Xodo even lets you collaborate on the same online document with your friends who are using the app by inviting them via email or a link. The only major drawback is that Xodo doesn’t allow editing of the existing text and images.

2. PDFElement

PDFElement is another app you can get for your Android or iOS devices. Its shining feature is text editing. It comes with a free and paid version, where the paid version comes with awesome features, such as text recognition by OCR in images and form fields addition. PDFElement comes with large and clear icons and labels, which makes it easy to understand for new, less-tech-savvy users.

3. Foxit

Foxit is a full-featured PDF editor that you can use on both mobile devices and desktop computers. It contains PDF-editing features such as data extraction and addition to Excel spreadsheets, template creation from PDF for other documents, as well as collecting PDF comments and moving them to a new PDF document. The desktop version of Foxit is considerably faster than the mobile version, but it’s nowhere near as speedy as Adobe Acrobat DC.

According to PDFdrive, editing PDF files doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore, as long as you utilize any of these top PDF file editors. From this list, you’ll be able to identify which online or offline app for your mobile device or computer is right for you based on what you need to do. We certainly recommend giving PDFChef a go for its user-friendliness and amazing range of editing features.