Outdoor Team Building Games in Singapore

Each business faces unique challenges in team building. Poor employee performance has an impact on the entire company. Numerous factors might contribute to this issue, but stress and a lack of desire at work are the most frequent causes of poor performance. Consider outdoor team activities to reenergize everyone’s mind and soul to increase workplace morale significantly. People inherently prefer to be in groups, but teams that lack elements of competitiveness, teamwork, and trust may be slightly more driven.

The outdoor team building games suggestions below can encourage your team to participate more actively at work. That implies that you are more productive at work.

Rock Climbing – You can be moderately athletic or fit to enjoy rock climbing. Although climbing can be done both inside and outside, it is best done in wide-open areas where your team can catch some fresh air. Fear is a deterrent for many people, preventing them from aggressively pursuing their goals. This game will assist you in overcoming that by tackling a fear that almost everyone shares: a fear of heights. Rock climbing, which only needs one rope and a partner to support the wall, also enables team members to develop greater trust in one another and the group.


Paintball Challenge – You’ll be surprised at how well your team can work together in a paintball game, even though this game may sound only for serious gamers. Divide your teams into rivalries, give them safety gear and paintball guns, and enjoy the wild outside. Teams should plan ways to trick one another during the game. Of course, communication is crucial in this situation, and this game also puts it to the test.


Nature Hunt: This competitive team game allows for the participation of teams with up to 10 players. Give each group a list of objects to find within the allotted time. The team that brings (or photographs) every item on the list wins the challenge. Nature hunt also gives you time to rethink and rebuild your work strategies with all new perspectives.

Human Foosball – As realistic as it may sound, the game of foosball involves teams—typically five players per team—travelling to a huge inflatable playing area and clinging to poles that traverse the pitch. Then, you can kick the ball to try to score for the opposing team when the ball approaches. To find this a lot of fun, you don’t have to be frightened to be athletic. Have a wonderful time with your team.


Group Orienteering – Orienteering involves exploring new terrain using a map and compass. Normally, this is done on foot, although other modes of transportation, such as a bicycle or canoe, are also acceptable. The basic objective is to get from point A to point B while working together to resolve every issue that occurs along the way. This is among the best methods for forming a group and functioning as a team.

Great Egg Drop – This adult-only outdoor game fosters collaboration, teamwork, communication, and creativity. Each group receives protective gear in case the eggs fall from higher floors. Each team must offer an egg and drop it from the upper floors within the allotted time. The team loses if the egg breaks.

These outdoor games put groups in situations where they must depend on one another to perform tasks. Instead of just enjoying the game, it’s crucial to comprehend one another and cooperate to accomplish goals.

This guide will help you arrange an effective and engaging outing plan for your professional team.



Make music that will encourage and motivate everyone in your company! And who better to collaborate with on the creation of your corporate anthem than your own staff?

In-sync, a company that conducts education as well as corporate team building in Singapore through the use of music, is the organisation that runs this really engaging and creative programme for forming teams called “SongCreator.” SongCreator concentrates on creating a personalised song that will highlight insightful takeaways: what sets your organization apart? What are your most crucial objectives or missions? What is the core of your company’s messaging and culture?

You and your team will practise active cooperation and cultivate creative problem-solving skills as each person discovers their voice as a member of a songwriting team under the direction and instruction of highly skilled music facilitators. Watch as your writing team’s collaboration becomes clear-cut and idea-sharing becomes the norm!

The “Rockout!” programme from In-Sync allows you and your team to perform through up to two whole songs by the end of the activity without tension or anxiety.

This application, which does not require any prior musical training, uses all the different instruments that make up a modern band, including keyboards, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. You and your team will improve your teamwork and communication skills as you attempt to play each song well under the direction of their knowledgeable tutors!

You and your team will undoubtedly achieve musical and personal success as you start your path as true rockstars thanks to their instructors’ exceptional qualifications and track records as performers and educators in the industry.

Prep Team: For a group of at least 100 people

This team of event staff helps with logistics, especially in between games when they clear the venue and get it ready for the next activity. They arrive early to complete all the essential preparation work for outdoor team building activities in accordance with the specifications and guidelines provided by the chief facilitator and the assistant chief facilitator.

This outdoor team building game list will help you plan something exciting for your team. All the activities mentioned above are very popular and proven to build strong team building. You can also hire a team activities planner. They create packages and proposals intending to maintain participants’ interest throughout, not just during the initial stages of the activity.

Enjoy team building!

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