13 Most Trusted Online Money Making Websites

The emergence of the internet across the world has brought endless possibilities of accessing the various services and tools which can provide you with fast money-making ways. Most of the ways are through online applications and websites. If you search online, you will get various websites that can get you acquainted with the tools and skills to earn money. You may also come across fake websites which are pretty good at making you believe that they provide a good source of income. Hence, it is very important to know about websites that are trustworthy and give you real money.

Here are the 13 most trusted websites that millions of users have used to make money online.

1. YouTube


YouTube is a platform that lets everyone post non-explicit videos on any topic they are good at. Recording a video is very simple but here the content of the video matters the most. This platform pays the content creators depending on the views they have gained. If you enable advertisements on your video, there is a possibility that you may earn enough money.

2. Bitcoin Evolution


Bitcoin Evolution is not a native mobile app but you can always use their web-trader as a hybrid mobile application because it consists of HTML5 version. If you always wanted to become a trader, this is your chance. Visit BitcoinFuture and sign up for free. This app has various features that can make your trading smooth and efficient.

3. Amazon Kindle


If you are an avid writer and have written a book on your own, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing will help you to upload your work on Amazon. This work will later be sold on Amazon Kindle devices. You can sell a number of copies of your book if you upload it here first and then promote it through various social media platforms. Here you are going to earn money on the basis of the number of copies sold.

4. Fiverr


Fiverr is a platform where you can make a minimum of $5 doing anything. This website allows the users to upload jobs that others are willing to do for them in return for money. Writing Facebook posts for various companies is one of the most common jobs found on this website. Also, graphic designing and audio editing are some of the skills that Fiverr offers.

5. Zirtual


Zirtual is one of the most rewarding and time-consuming options. To be a Zirtual assistant, all you need to do is write emails, summarize the findings, research a topic, and so on. Based on the skills and work you do for them, you will be paid. The base pay is $11 an hour and if you become a Zirtual assistant you can even work full-time on weekdays.

6. Mechanical Turk


Amazon runs this Mechanical Turk where everyone is allowed to sign up and complete the tasks assigned there. The tasks include choosing two pictures that show a bridge, and so on. If you start practicing these tasks, you can earn a few dollars from the comfort of your home. Enough practice can even lead to earning a good amount.

7. Sweatcoin


If you are someone who loves to stay active all the time, this is the best platform for you. The Sweatcoin app helps to verify and track every step you take outdoors with the help of accelerometers and the GPS location of your phone. Sweatcoins are earned from every step you walk and these coins can be redeemable in cash.

8. iPoll


This website consists of various products and services. In order to earn money through iPoll, all you need to do is share your opinion on the services, products, and places that are offered by the sites. Answer the questions asked and through this, you can not only earn gift cards but also receive cash prizes quarterly.

9. Fatllama


If you love to share your things, this is the best platform for you. Fatllama is a website that allows you to rent your belongings to that person who is in need of it. You can set the price for the belongings you are willing to sell. This is one of the few unique money-making websites that does not require any investment and follows a culture of borrowing over buying.

10. Upwork


This website provides various tools that can help you to earn money quickly and easily sitting from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a good platform to use your skills and create a great standing, this is the right place. Upwork is an upper class of websites that uses reliable and consistent ways to make money.

11. Survey Junkie


This is one of the best paidsurveys, where you will have to sign up and answer a few profile questions After completing a survey, you will earn points. Those points can be redeemable for gift cards or PayPal cash. This is such a website where you will get paid to provide your opinion on particular profiles through surveys.

12. ACX


ACX is a great platform for those who want to pursue their passion in being a publisher, author, or other Rights Holders. This platform enables an interface with the narrators, producers, and recording studios who can produce audiobooks. You can earn money with the help of this website as a narrator easily.

13. Flippa


Flipping domains and websites are quite profitable but require a lot of effort to do it correctly. To flip a website or a domain, you need to have a lot of skills and expertise to obtain the domain. It is difficult to track which domains can be profitable. Flippa is a platform to use if you want to sell a domain.

These are some of the websites that are highly recommended because of their reliability. These websites are not only easy to use but also worthy of your time. If you are eager to earn some cash online, what are you waiting for? Choose a website out of the above-mentioned sites, do your research, and start earning.