Why An Online Community Is So Important: Junior Anthony

Digital entrepreneur Junior Anthony built his empire by creating a robust online community that drives business while supporting his clients. Like any good conversation, listening and participating can gain insights and discover opportunities while engaging in global conversations.

Junior Anthony was quick to recognize the value of developing an online community, which he calls his LiveSotori family, a convergence of hundreds of success stories that he helped to create. It is this online family that gives him the spark to get out of bed every single day.

“What motivates me is knowing that every morning I am helping my family members realize their dreams, their goals, and attain their financial freedom,” Junior says.

Sharing Knowledge


Junior’s business LiveSotori developed as a means to share his experience in digital marketing and help others set up online businesses to make money working from home. His business delivers multiple courses with step-by-step guides to online businesses that want to move into the world of affiliate marketing and the passive incomes it can produce once the proper skills have been acquired and the individual becomes perfectly aligned with your goals.

Junior is a down-to-earth guy who offers zero BS programs designed for ordinary people who have decided to invest in themselves. Every day people recognize they are bold action takers and are more valuable than working the 9-5 or longer, and they value family bonds.

LiveSotori is a young business and has already smashed a seven-figure benchmark in under 9 months, an extraordinary achievement given not so long ago, Junior was living in his rented Uber car in a BJ’s parking lot in Brooklyn New York.

Nothing Free Has Value

Establishing his community was at the tail end of his days of giving free mentoring to people online. After helping a friend learn to navigate the digital world, he landed in a demanding space.

“He wanted to do what I was doing because I was making good money. So I steered him into affiliate marketing. Another digital entrepreneur ran the first program I saw. I purchased everything to show him how upsells work and how to use it to attract clients,” Junior said. Within days, email blasts had led Junior to a Facebook group, where he saw people begging for help with issues that he considered to be basic. It was here that he started to help people.

“I felt that if I ignored these people knowing how easily I could help them, I would be part of the problem instead of the solution. I went from helping one person at a time to 20 people giving free value,” Junior said.

On this forum, he noticed that some people were achieving impressive results with their campaigns, while others floundered. “I was done helping for free. I felt like I was wasting my time. People don’t value free.”

During this time, Junior struck upon the idea to build educational material that brought together his experience in digital marketing, mentoring to help suitable candidates enter the realm of affiliate marketing.

“This inspired me to build the two-day live workshop – a program where we help people navigate the online world but also aid people with affiliate marketing, and this is where my new online family originated,” he says.

Developing A Hive Mindset

Every day the bad-boy entrepreneur shares his insights with his family. The community is a self-sufficient entity where members support the goals and successes of each other. They help with a hive mind to work through issues, keep others from falling into some common traps and provide camaraderie.

“Some people perceive entrepreneurship to be a solo pursuit, but I cannot agree with that. It is a journey that you take alongside your family. I have a large online family that continuously surprises me daily,” he says.

When the global pandemic crushed businesses and ordinary people lost their jobs, Junior’s community thrived under hard work. Junior warns against get-rich-quick schemes as futile and advises against chasing their dreams with people marketing themselves as digital gurus while standing near ‘their’ rented Lamborghini. “Hard work is where it begins and that leads to working smarter and learning from others. Our community forum was open and running 24/7 throughout the pandemic. Some members would have breakfast together virtually then work together all day. They took lunch breaks together and often worked through dinner. It was inspiring,” Junior added.

Junior’s passion for his community is ever-present in the way he runs his businesses. His favorite moment is not when he lands a big new client but when one of his family members hits a new milestone.

“It’s the most invigorating feeling in the world when I can change my family members at the core of who they are. When I am able to give them a new sense of confidence.”

A Factory For Disruptors

LiveSotori is producing disruptors. One student reported earning $3000 in a single day while a 62-year-old woman broke her $1000 a day and then walked away with $4,700 in one week.

Other members report experiences that are far greater than cash.

Eitan, a family member in Israel, found what he named as his ‘calling’ with Junior in an open letter of gratitude posted to the community.

Eitan states, “When I introduced my father to my new path, I spoke with outstanding clarity and confidence and felt a resonating feeling with every word I said. I explained what I do now with great passion and connection. And the best part is, my father was excited and in awe of this great opportunity that I have shown great alignment with.

“This wasn’t a search for approval (my father is my best friend) but more of a way for me to realize that I have finally found my true calling.

“This is all thanks to Junior, not only has he opened a new door to my future, but he has given me his dedication, heart, and this golden opportunity. There’s isn’t enough thanks and gratitude I can give for this.”