5 Old School Hair Tips That Still Work in 2021

Old school hair tips never get old. Remember what you used to make while going out for school? The memories are different for different people. Some of us used to do braids while other girls were more into fashion and used to do beaded braids. Likewise, some of us had ponytails. These were the most common hairstyles during our school times. And which one is still not trending?

Although the styles vary and we have to do a lot of things differently but the basic style remains the same. For example, my mom used to oil my hair on daily basis. Although I never liked it as a child but I have seen wonders because of that care. I got healthy hair. Likewise, we have heard rumors about braiding and getting lengthy hairs. Despite being a rumor, it is also a great way of styling as well as protecting the hair.

But not everyone has healthy and long hair. But don’t worry, there are still wigs available. If you are still looking for a reliable store for human hair and wigs, I recommend heyhair7 to you. Black women don’t wear wigs because they have unhealthy hair. But the hair didn’t grow the way they wanted. Wearing a wig is more convenient than modifying natural hair.

So if you love to do parties and do not want to damage your hair by continuously heating styling them, this will help. You do not have to curl or straighten your natural hair. Instead, you can wear a wig of the same tone as your hair and style it up. This will allow you to get any style you want while your hair is well-protected.

Most important thing is that you will get lace front wigs and also human hair wigs. So even if you are wearing one, no one will be able to find out. This is the best solution for you if you have any problems with your hair. Lace front wigs help you cover up the forehead in a better way. So you can manage your hairline as you want.

Despite the availability of wigs, you still need to take care of your hair. After all, they are the ones that will remain with you. You cannot fake it always. So here are some of the old-school tips that will help you to get healthy hair.

1 – Regular braiding

Heard that, right? Though it is an old-school thing but it still works. Remember that girls used to talk about getting long and healthy hair through braiding? It sounds a bit magical to me at that time. I thought braiding was some kind of sorcery and I will get long hair in no time.

However, it was not true. But the science behind is true. When we braid our hair, they do not get damaged. Moreover, braids are better protected and keep hair healthy.

For instance, if you go out daily with open hair, you know how much of a trouble it is. Wind entangles them and you have to brush them again and again. Likewise, if there is rain and your hair gets soaked with water, they will look awful. And not to mention hair falling. You will have hair everywhere you go.

On the other hand, what if you do braids? They are simple and keep your hair in place. You do not have to brush them after every few hours. Moreover, even if the winds are strong and gusty, you do not hair to worry about your hair. They won’t come in your way while eating food.

So although, it is an old-school thing but you can braid out your hair even in 2021. It is still as trendy as ever. Furthermore, you can try out various styling tips and can enjoy different braids.

2 – A cold water wash

Coldwater is a wonderful thing. It gives life to your hairs. Although this was a thing we have been hearing from our school times but it works. Therefore, it is still working in 2021. You might not know the science behind it. When we use warm water, it opens up the pores and thus, shampoo works well. However, when you are using conditioner, it is better to rinse it off with cold water.

As warm water opens up the pores and cuticles, cold water will close them. So when you use it with conditioner, it will lock the moisture and you will get strong and shiny hair. Moreover, cold water improves blood circulation. Thus, it will not only improve the appearance of your hair but also your health.

3 – Regular oiling

It is a centuries-old thing and we are still doing it. Oiling is necessary for the health of human hairs. If you don’t like to oil your hair, you can do other things. For example, you can create a homemade hair mask, it is as effective as oiling. Moreover, you have to use the mask only for half an hour. Therefore, it is also for girls who are lazy or too busy to leave the oil for a night or at least 2 hours.

4 – Using cap at night

Not many people know about it, but it is a trick to maintain the health of our hair. Moreover, if you have a party the next day, wrapping will also keep your hairstyle in place. For example, if you want to have beachy waves or curls, you can style them up and wear a silk cap. The cap will lock in the moisture and your hair won’t dry out. Furthermore, you will get perfect curls and waves in the morning. If this does not help, you should take a look at, for more professional assistance.

5 – Less shampoo

An important thing is not to shampoo your hair daily. Even if you are going out, the daily shampoo will dry them out of their natural oils. So if you want to use shampoo daily, you need to use oil daily. Otherwise, just have a shampoo after every 2 days.

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