Obtain Traffic Cam Footage in Atlanta, Georgia

Getting your hands on footage from a traffic camera could be very challenging, if not impossible. The city operates several live traffic cameras. However, the footage is not typically archived. If you’re looking for a film of a specific accident, the lack of such a database could be a challenge.

But, a lawyer can clarify your options for obtaining traffic camera footage in Atlanta, Georgia; learn more.

Alternatives to Traffic Camera Footage Exist

In Atlanta, obtaining traffic camera footage of your collision might be challenging. Even while we want to try to acquire any such film, there is a chance that we won’t be able to. But, there is a chance that we can collect different kinds of video. Relevant video footage might be obtained from:

Car Recording Devices

Car accidents, and other crucial occurrences, can be recorded by dashboard cameras. This gadget is sometimes carried by rideshare drivers, police officers, and other motorists. We will endeavor to acquire any dashcam footage showing your accident if we become aware of its existence.

Security Camera Video

There may be security cameras facing the street on private and public buildings. We will try to acquire a copy of any relevant camera footage if it captures your accident.

Filmed with a Mobile Phone

Someone else’s cell phone footage of the collision can be important evidence in your case. We’ll do what we can to get our hands on other kinds of videos to help your case.

What good is a video if it doesn’t feature footage of your crash?

Not every collision needs to be captured on film to be useful. In other words, it might record the actions that led to your mishap. Mistakes that could be captured on film that would indicate fault include:

  • Excessive drinking and driving can have serious consequences.
  • Misconduct on the road: texting
  • The driver’s dangerous behavior on the road
  • Unfortunately, not every situation can be solved using video evidence. Perhaps it’s even uncommon. Video evidence is not necessary to win, though.

Several Additional Forms of Evidence That Might Be Used in an Atlanta Car Wreck

A lawyer for the injured doesn’t need any kind of video evidence to win a compensation case. To support their claim, they will look at any additional proof.

Examples of such proof could be:

  • Accounts from onlookers detailing the collision and the carelessness that resulted in your injuries
  • Images of the crash site and damaged vehicles
  • It’s a police report
  • Detailed analysis of what went wrong in your collision

Where to Go for a Georgia Accident Report

A car accident record may be obtained by specified individuals in accordance with the Open Records Act of Georgia, O.C.G.A. 50-18-72 (a)(5).

If your accident was looked into by the Georgia State Patrol, you can contact the State Patrol Post closest to you or the Open Records Unit. You can submit a request for public records to the Georgia State Patrol by filling out and submitting an Open Records Request form.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is a good resource for finding further accident reports.

What to Do If You Want Accident Photos

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) is required to review your request for photographs and other records that may be related to your collision under the state’s Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 50-18-70).

The Georgia DPS Open Records Unit is the place to go if you need access to documents about an accident. Don’t forget to specify the following while making a request:

  • Include your complete name, street address, and phone number in your message.
  • Whom the report or investigation relates to (if applicable)
  • Which files are you looking for
  • Where did the mishap occur, including the county and city?
  • The images and records are needed for an inquiry or accident that occurred on
  • Reporting agency and incident/crash report number

It’s possible that you’ll have to pay to get your hands on the images or paperwork you need.

Your Injury Attorney Will Collect More Proof of Fault

A solid personal injury lawsuit rests on solid evidence. Make sure the law firm you pick to represent you in a car accident settlement or court award will handle your case from beginning to end before you retain their services. The first step is to look into the accident and collect evidence.

For a variety of reasons, timing is crucial

Timeliness is another important aspect to think about. Take into account the following:

Time Is Needed For Investigations

Evidence collection takes a lot of time. If you retain legal representation immediately following an accident, the attorneys there will have more time to investigate the situation thoroughly.

As Time Passes, Memories Become Cloudy

Before important details are forgotten, we need to question witnesses as quickly as possible following the crash.

Disappearing Footage:

It’s important to remember that if your lawyer finds a nearby surveillance camera that may contain useful evidence to support your case, you’ll need to talk to the camera owner (often a company) before they erase the tape. This is one additional reason to act quickly after an accident and retain legal representation.

The statute of limitations in Georgia is very short

You have two years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit against those responsible, as stated in O.C.G.A. 9-3-33. Since a Notice of Intent must be filed before claiming damages from Georgia or a city or municipality, the time limit is reduced.

Time is of the essence for your attorney as he or she works to compile evidence, construct a case, determine fault, and negotiate with insurers. Your attorney has to know this while there is still time to sue the insurance if a fair settlement is not achieved.

Access Extra Proof Via the EPORTS System at the Georgia DPS

The Efficient Purchase of information and Transfer System (EPORTS) is a web-based platform that will be released in July 2020 by the Georgia DPS Open Records Unit. It will allow users to search for, request, obtain, and study a variety of information.

Citations, accident reports, and DPS incident reports can all be searched for in this new system. It will also be a place to access media recorded by dashboard cameras.

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