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Why You Need the Top No-Glow Infrared Trail Cameras

While the major goal of a hunter when making use of a camera to track animal movement is to make hunting easier. Cameras can be used to do more than just tracking animal movement during hunting. They can be used in keeping an environment safe.

In addition to making hunting easier, a hunter’s goal should also be to leave animals in their natural environment even as they make use of a camera. A hunter will be doing himself a lot of disfavors if he is able to monitor a game’s trail but lose the game in the process because the game is startled.

No-glow cameras are not very effective over a long distance as their wavelength diverges. Also, they are not the best cameras to be made use of in the night. However, if a hunter’s aim is to avoid startling animals, they can always be trusted to make these happen.

There are various cameras that hunters depend on to make hunting games easy. Some of these cameras are easily noticed by game and might attract unwanted attention. However, some remain in position without being noticed. The type of camera that does not get noticed by games is known as the no glow infrared trail camera. Although the glow infrared trail camera is not the only effective camera that can be used in monitoring games, it is unlike red-glow cameras and white-flash cameras which can be noticed.

There are lots of reasons you need a glow infrared trail camera. Let’s see what some of these reasons are.

They Prevent Theft

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Although the light that is emitted by red-glow cameras cannot be spotted by deer, certain animals can notice them. While these animals can notice them, they cannot do much about changing their positions. They, however, can move away from where this camera is. Unlike animals, when humans that are trespassing on a property notice the red-glow on a camera, they can go ahead to either steal the camera or alter its position. Hereby, making it ineffective.

Now, no glow cameras might make a sound, humans, however, can neither hear the frequencies of their sound nor see them. Due to this, you can have a no glow camera on your property and be certain that it will not get stolen.

Hunting is Easier

Hunting is a lot easier when animals go about their daily activities without feeling threatened. While many cameras can be trusted to help hunters with hunting, the no glow camera is one that can function without animals even noticing that they are being monitored.  If you decide to make use of a white light camera or a red-glow camera in monitoring animals before hunting, they might get startled and this might make them feel threatened. When animals are startled or feel threatened, they change their movements around a certain area. If the lights they notice from a certain end does not stop, they might leave a certain environment completely, thereby, making it difficult for hunters to find game.

Best No-Glow Infrared Cameras

It is not enough to know why you should get a no-glow infrared camera. You must know what the best no-glow infrared trail & security cameras are and they can be found here.

Below are some of the best no-glow infrared cameras

Browning Dark Ops Elite HD

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This camera is considered one of the best no-glow infrared cameras for lots of reasons. One of these reasons is it automatically gets into video mode as soon as it detects any motion. This camera was built to work with a 512 GB SDXC memory card and has a camo finish which makes it difficult for it to be detected.

Bushnell Trophy Cam 24MP No Glow

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This camera features a 100-foot range which is the best any no-glow infrared camera has to offer so long-range is concerned. Furthermore, it comes with a case that can best be described as tough. That’s not all, it is difficult for this camera to miss capturing animals in its view as it has a very fast trigger speed, as well as recovery time.

While this camera is very effective in the day, it can capture clear images in the night even in the absence of a flash or source of light.

Stealth G42NG

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This no-glow infrared camera is considered one of the best because of its battery life. On lithium batteries, this camera can last for up to six months. It operates silently and features a tough case which makes it possible to last the test of time.

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