Nina Cuso – A Designer With Strong Social Awareness

The fashion industry is on the rise and it is changing fast. What is in trend in one semester can be very quickly outdated. On the other hand, there is a surge considering the social responsibility of each and every one of us with the goal that people with different orientations or disabilities are accepted as an equal part of our society. And the fashion is quite influenced by it as well – now almost anyone can find clothes that suit them and their choice.

Saying this, a lot of popular brands are trying to feel the demand of different requirements but it is not that common to see a clothes designer that is actually social responsible and not just caring about profit. Still, there is a great exception called Nina Cuso. A young woman that is just getting started in the fashion industry and has already made quite a name of herself.

Nina Cuso And Her Idea

Nina Cuso is a 25-year old woman born in Los Angeles, where she lived for most of her childhood. After enrolling in college, she got interested in acting and was hired at the Hippodrome Theater in San Francisco earning her experience and gathering popularity through numerous acts. Soon later, Nina was advised to try herself out as a model and that went very good. Very soon after, she was on numerous covers and was a part of different fashion brand ads.

As the time passed, Nina got interested into designing her own clothes with a unique and powerful idea – equality for all. Now, although you can say this is something that we can hear on the daily basis Nina is really serious about it. Her whole clothing brand, that is, to be honest pretty popular, is based on few principles – gender expression and identities, cultural awareness, ethnicities, different disabilities as well as environmental sustainability. First and foremost, through designing clothes for anyone she is trying to express that each and every one of us has a right to choose our gender identity and se’ual orientation and express it through clothing combinations as well. And to be honest, not a lot of brands know how to offer that. Along with that, her clothing line includes a lot of items for disabled people and her goal is to let others see that disabled people are same as all of us and that there is no reason for them not to feel or look good wearing trendy clothes as we all do.

Also, Nina is of the biggest advertisers when it comes to equality between different ethnicities. Last but not least Nina thinks that fashion has a huge impact on environmental sustainability and thus tries to make a change in this sphere as well. She was part of many faux leather campaigns expressing how faux leather is a much better choice than the leather and fur products that have become a must. And not to forget she doesn’t partner with suppliers that don’t have ethical certificates that they treat their workers well, with fair pay and reasonable work hours!


Nina Cuso is quite a fascinating young lady, and our world would be in huge profit if there were more fashion designers like her. Not to forget she is just starting in this industry so we are yet to see a lot more of her idea, and we can only hope that it makes as big of an impact as she has planned!