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NFL Legend James Harrison – the Next Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

James Henry Harrison, the former American football linebacker, is probably one of the most intimidating men in the history of the National Football League. What’s new about him is that he said he wants to act. Hollywood brace yourself!

James Harrison won two Super Bowls with the Steelers: XL and XLIII and his career ended in August this year. Now that his football career is over, he said that he had always imagined himself in from of the screen and he already knows what type of actors he wants to be.

In a recent interview, he stated: “I kinda see myself as an action type of actor more along the lines of, you might have heard of him, some dude named Dwayne Johnson.” Besides The Rock, he would also like to be good at acting like other movie stars. So, he added: “I feel like I got the range of someone else you might have heard of … Denzel.”

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As a matter of fact, he seems pretty serious in what he says as he has already been taking acting classes for a while now. Moreover, he has been in various meetings with the Marvel company, writers and directors.

Harrison would not be the first NFL player to act as former NFL running back Thomas Jones is already a huge Hollywood star. If Thomas Jones could have been in a huge movie project, like the “Luke Cage” TV show, why Harrison couldn’t be?

Let’s wait and see whether Harrison would be a movie star too. He might even be the next Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who knows!

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