How much does it cost to get new windows and doors in Canada?

When you are about to get new windows or doors, it is always a smart move to do some research to ensure that you are getting reasonable quotes for the products you need. New windows should not only fit your design and look nice but be energy-efficient and installed correctly. Replacing your old windows and doors is usually not a spontaneous idea but rather a necessity since your current units might no longer be safe, energy-efficient or look modern.

When doing market research, you will come across different products at different prices, with cheaper ones looking like a go-to opportunity. But windows and doors of poor quality can end up bringing you more troubles than savings.

That is why our team has conducted proper research and contacted Ecoline, a window and door installation company, to educate you on how to choose the best products for your residence and what affects the final price of windows & doors in Canada.

What influences the windows & doors prices?

When shopping for new windows and doors for your home, you should know that those products are pricey and usually considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment. But anyways, the prices really differ based on many factors.


Window and door style directly affects how much your new unit will cost. When it comes to windows the most popular options are:

  • Crank Windows

Both awning and casement windows are known as crank windows.

Opening in and out like a door and operating with a crank, their key benefits are excellent ventilation and energy efficiency. These windows are superb for hard-to-reach or areas since they’re easier to open and require low maintenance.

  • Single of double-hung

Single-hung windows has one single operable lower sash. Double-hung alternative offers two sashes to move up and down. They are a great addition to any style of home. However, they are incredibly popular with retrofits and make-over for older houses.

  • Sliding Windows

Sliders are windows that move on trackers from left to right or vice versa. They have a large glass area and provide good ventilation and natural light to your space. They are usually used instead of doors to the garden since they do not occupy extra space.

  • Picture

These windows are fixed, meaning they can’t be opened. They are usually big and have the most glass area that lets in extra natural light and provides an unobstructed view. That is the main reason why the price tag for this style is higher compared to other windows. In addition, do remember that picture windows do not offer ventilation.

  • Patio doors

Patio doors can be of different types, but the most popular ones are sliding patio and French. While a sliding patio is similar to slider windows and opens horizontally along a track, a French door consists of two doors that pivot on hinges installed on opposite sides of the door framing. Both provide good ventilation and natural light inside your space.

Below you can find a table with a typical price range for new windows and doors by style in different Canada regions.

Awning, $ Casement, $ Patio, $ Picture, $ Single Hung, $ Sliding windows, $
Calgary 432 – 1428 328 – 1998 1204 – 6625 201 – 2932 95 – 2115 324 – 2894
Ottawa 493 – 1161 523 – 953 1704 – 3368 355 – 2088 541 – 1093 328 – 1637
Edmonton 310 – 1518 431 – 1304 1519 – 4452 270 – 2291 453 -1658 275 – 2327
Regina 491 – 1305 554 -1111 1197 – 4155 276 – 2021 429 – 1071 448 – 1194
Winnipeg 418 – 1464 477 – 1614 1499 – 7037 279 – 2898 482 – 1930 408 – 2215
Saskatoon 419 – 1471 407 – 1196 869 – 7623 288 – 2291 408 – 1254 401 – 1697
Vancouver 494 – 1199 444 – 2116 1395 – 4875 210 – 2231 305 – 1429 391 – 1724


The frame material you select will significantly influence the final price of your windows and doors. While you can find different options here, the most common materials chosen by Canadian homeowners are vinyl and wood.

Wood is considered to be the most expensive material, but it is durable and will serve you the longest when appropriately maintained.

When it comes to vinyl, it is the middle ground. It is much cheaper, requires low maintenance and can be painted as you wish to complement your design.


The one essential component of all windows is glass. However, not all glazing is equal. For instance, you can go with two or three panes of glass, get special coatings that reflect sunlight and heat, choose different insulation, etc. All of these components demand their unique processes while being manufactured. As a rule, the more value-added features the glass has – like improved insulation value or better thermal performance – the more significant and pricier the manufacturing process is, the more valuable the glass.

Finally, this makes your products cost more. However, while you can customize your glazing and window overall, always make sure to buy Energy Star-rated products. This ensures even the basic window and door will be energy-efficient and long-lasting. And of course, Energy Star partners, such as Ecoline Windows, are considered to be the best ones to deal with.

If you are not sure whether you need double or triple pane windows, you can always contact local experts to seek some advice but be sure to analyze your climate zone and heating bills. Triple pane windows are usually 10-15% more expensive, but it might be so that you just do not need to invest that extra.

Customization and configuration

While all the discussed above makes the core price, you should also consider some add-ons that also affect your final cost in a way. This might include:

  • Hardware – cranks, custom security bars, locks
  • Paintings – custom painted windows and doors are usually cost more but fit your design
  • Post-installation window tinting or fade-resistant UV protection
  • Extra-large windows and custom sizes

Make sure to select the configuration you need and have the budget for it. For example, if you live in a zone with harsh weather, sometimes it would be prudent to save some on design but get triple windows instead.

Choose a Reliable Installer

Well, even if you have decided on the style, material, size and final configuration of your new windows and doors, getting them installed properly is vital. For this, you have to make sure you deal with a reliable window company that will do its best to meet your expectations and install everything according to the law. Before signing and installation contract:

  • Check whether a chosen company is reputable and has previous successful installation projects on its portfolio similar to yours. For this, go and check reviews online, look at pics “before and after,” and ask your close circle if they have heard or dealt with the company before.
  • Make sure a company offers Energy Star-rated, and NGRC/NAFS-11 tested products. This guarantees that you will have no issues with your new windows and doors, saving on energy bills in the long run.
  • Deal only with a company that follows CSA guidelines and your local building codes. This ensures the installation will be completed according to the local law, and you won’t get into trouble later on.