How do New Technologies help in Learning? Advantages and Disadvantages


In the contemporary world, technological enhancements have left major marks in the field of learning. It has become an integral part of every learner’s life. As a matter of fact, it would be more apt to say that it has become a necessity.

It holds enough power to instill fundamental and structural changes which are crucial in increasing productivity. Digital learning opens up new educational opportunities, builds connectivity between the educator and learner, and even increases their interest in topics that sounded boring earlier.

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Moreover, although technology enables the path to greater innovations, integrated learning has its certain drawbacks too. These possible drawbacks about the effects of incorporating technology into learning are still being debated.

If you are still wondering whether technology is a boon or a bane? Here are a few advantages and disadvantages for you to ponder upon-

PRO: Turns learners into enthusiasts

Learners of any age tend to find new technology interesting; it creates a sense of enthusiasm in them. Gone are the days of limited tools to gain knowledge, in this era they can find a tool to work with on just about anything.

Moreover, if they don’t understand something in a particular format, the same topics are available in so many more creative ways that will grip their interest. Further, technology instills curiosity in them and helps them in embracing it because of the anonymity factor.

CON: Creates distractions

In recent years, there has been an increase in the adverse effects of online learning. This is so because of common thinking which is present in almost everyone that mobile and laptops are a tool for entertainment and not learning.

This makes them more attracted to the downsides. Moderation of academic distraction continues to be a complex puzzle that is yet to be solved.

PRO: A kickstart towards future

With the constant increase in dependency on technology, it is important to develop common technical skills. It gives the scope to learn subjects that are outside of the prescribed books.

Also, it is essential for today’s generation to know how to leverage this towards their benefit. After all, they are the future innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Learning infused with technology sharpens their practical skills which will be a major asset for their future.

CON: Hinders creativity

Most things available online are pre-made and the usage of creativity is comparatively lower. Moreover, when learners already know that everything is available digitally it often leads to them not using their imagination.

For example- If you were given some tasks that would require a lot of thinking, it’s common that you’d jump straight to Google and avoid using your own creativity to do that task. Very few are those who would actually spend their time doing it by their own imagination.

PRO: Accessibility and affordability

No one can deny that technology has indeed made our lives easier. Learning is no longer restricted to a time slot or any place, it can be done anytime and anywhere. Depending on your comfort and availability you can learn literally anything without the worry of physical attendance.

Additionally, there are ample free resources and tools available which can be taken advantage of if one truly has the zeal for learning. What could be more amazing than obtaining knowledge without spending a huge amount of money?

CON: Could lead to medical problems

The increase in screen time is bound to have a detrimental impact on everyone. It not only strains the eyes but also causes fatigue, neck pain, backache, and concentration issues. Studies show that excessive use of technology leads to chronic diseases in learners.

Moreover, it not only affects their physical health but their mental health also. The dependence makes them more prone to have poor mental health and even problems like anxiety, depressions, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.

In some cases, it is even seen that over usage can create problems in distinguishing between real and reel life.

PRO: Innovation in teaching methods

Obviously, technology cannot replace the presence of educators as it can’t mimic that bond between a teacher and learner. Old teaching methods can be modified to fit the technical system and then be taught in an even more interesting way. In fact, modern techniques can be more inspiring to the current learners.

This also encourages the learning of vocational skills which are important for success in the future digital world.

CON: Differentiation between reliable and unreliable sources

There is a lot of information available online which can either be correct or incorrect. Learners might not be able to differentiate between which source is reliable and which one is not.

Studies show that a major chunk of information available digitally is not even human-verified. This means whenever you read something online there are high chances that it might have been cooked up by a bot pretending to be human.

Thus, learners need to know how to verify a source’s validity and also how to use it properly.

To conclude

It would not be exaggerating to say that if the internet stopped working for a few seconds today, there would be mass hysteria and the world would suffer a loss worth trillions of dollars as a whole. This shows the excess reliance on technology by every person at the moment.

So undoubtedly, we cannot completely separate digitalization from any field but being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it is a requirement. Therefore, it is also difficult to decipher whether infusing technology into learning is beneficial or disastrous as it has its own pros and cons.

However, we can choose to be wise enough to use the technology in an optimum way that would help humanity grow and evolve in a positive direction.

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