The Netflix ‘Pandemic’ Doc says he Might Have Found the Cure for Coronavirus

One of the doctors from the show, “Pandemic,” said that he may have found a cure for the coronavirus, and the military is currently jumping into action to test it.

Dr. Jacob Glanville, the head of Distributed Bio, explained the antibody therapy. It is a shot that binds, neutralizes, and prevents the virus from infecting human cells.

However, there’s more. Dr. Glanville revealed that people who already have the virus could benefit in only 20 minutes if it works.

The doctor says the antibodies he used were developed in 2002 to stop the spread of SARS. He and his team evolved the antibodies in the lab and claims, “they very vigorously block and stop [COVID19].”

According to Dr. Glanville, the antibodies are currently being sent to the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. Apparently, the military is going to do the lab tests. They don’t plan on testing it on humans yet, but if the trial shows promise, it will happen in the future.