Understanding The Need For Compression Garments After Liposuction

When the words “compression garments” are said out loud, it conjures up the image of celebrities in Spanx, jet-setters wearing special socks on long-distant flights, and athletes in their tight sleeves and leggings. These are all good examples of compression clothing but it differs from the compression garments used in medicine. The compression garments used in the medicine line are a lot more advanced, leaning towards high-tech designs as can be gleaned from display on the ContourMd website. These garments are specially designed to improve healing and deliver better results.

The recovery process for most liposuction recovery patients involves compression as a matter of necessity. There are several benefits which liposuction patients recovering from other body contouring procedures gain from compression garments. Above all these famed benefits, compression garments can make a notable impact on the final surgical outcome. Compression garments are the best gift you can ever give to your body especially when you are trying to achieve that sleek physique.

What are these medical compression garments? They are clothing made out of durable synthetic fabrics like nylon and lycra which can stretch and apply pressure to the body when worn following a surgical procedure. There are several styles and sizes of compression garments with all of these targeted at different patients and different parts of the body.

After liposuction of the legs or legs, the appropriate compression garment will be compression stockings or sleeves respectively while a girdle-like compression garment will be recommended for a patient that underwent liposuction of the abdomen. Every medical compression garment is built to offer a specific amount of pressure that promotes healing and not the kind of pressure you would expect from such things as shape wears and its ilk found in the shape-wear fashion world.

Why wear compression garments after undergoing liposuction?


There are several reasons why surgeons recommend compression garments after liposuction and all of these are geared towards getting the best and comfortable results from the procedure. Some of these reasons include;

These garments help to reduce swelling

Using compression garments after liposuction enhances recovery and ensures that you remain in full comfort throughout the healing process. Naturally, the body produces fluids during recovery and when these fluids accumulate, they become trapped which leads to swelling and discomfort that would draw out the healing process.

For many liposuction patients, postoperative swelling can last for weeks. The job of the compression garment is to apply pressure over the area being treated and when this is done, excessive buildup of fluids can be prevented and the little that accumulates is easily absorbed by the body.

Compression Garments help to keep bruising at a minimum


Bruising always occurs after liposuction but the magnitude of the bruises varies from patient to patient. With a compression garment, a patient can keep the bruising to the barest minimum. These bruises are caused by trauma to the blood vessels. When there is an injury to the blood vessels, blood gets into surrounding tissues and leads to the discoloration of the skin above the area. With the consistent pressure that comes from a compression garment, the bleeding will be controlled and blood wouldn’t be able to move towards the skin surface and you wouldn’t see any signs of bruises.

Scarring can be improved using Compression Garments

A patient may experience scarring after liposuction but this rarely poses a cause for concern. The surgeons are always careful to ensure that the incisions used in the procedures are small and placed strategically to keep them invisible or at least limit visibility considerably. Several factors could contribute to the scarring a patient experiences after liposuction and some of these factors include the patient’s genetic predisposition to scarring and the technique employed by the surgeon.

Patients worried about the possibility of scarring can get ease their worries by getting a compression garment. The pressure from compression garments would soften, flatten and help to reduce the scars which already appear discreet.

Compression Garments can help bring you the results you deserve


You can get to improve the contour of the treatment area when you wear a compression garment. It helps you get the best result out of your liposuction. With the support you get from compression garments, your body can easily adapt to the new streamlined shape. It will also help your skin avoid developing a wrinkled or lax appearance. Your skin will be tighter, smoother, and more attractive when you use compression garments to make your get the best out of your liposuction procedure. Testimonies from some patients show that wearing compression garments can improve your posture and make movement easier after liposuction.

What are the risks associated with wearing compression garments?

By design, a compression garment is naturally tight which means that some patients may experience some discomfort. This discomfort is usually felt at the early stages when postoperative swelling is at its highest, just as the patient tries to get acquainted with the sensations of wearing a compression garment. It should be noted that by design, compression garments are not designed to place excessive pressure on the treatment area.
When the compression is too much, it can be painful and increase one’s risk of developing deep pain thrombosis (DVT) or pressure necrosis. If you wear an ill-fitting compression garment or wear it the wrong way, it could lead to irregularity of the surface contour or seroma formation. If you are worried that your compression garment does not fit properly or that it might be too tight, do not hesitate to reach out to your surgeon.

What is the appropriate way to wear a compression garment?


It is always important to follow your physician’s advice and doubly important when it comes to aftercare instructions following a medical procedure. This will ensure that the recovery process goes smoothly and makes the final results the best they could be. Compression garments are very important when it comes to getting the best healing after liposuction. You can get compression garments in different sizes and styles to fit everyone and every body part. Check out the ContourMD website for top-quality compression garments.
A compression garment is best worn immediately and should be kept on for several weeks after a procedure to help the initial recovery progress as it should. There might be some reduction to the compression and this is likely to be done on the advice of your surgeon. The surgeon may start you off with a high degree of compression before switching to a lower degree of compression. Finally. it gets to the point where the surgeon reduces the number of hours you are expected to wear the garment daily. Towards the end, the number of hours you will be required to wear compression garments would depend a lot on your surgeon’s technique and preferences and the extent of your procedure.
Your compression garment needs to fit snugly to be effective and shouldn’t be bulky or too restrictive. It had to cover all of the treatment areas completely. A delineation would appear between a covered and uncovered area if you have a compression garment cover some part while leaving other parts of the treatment area open. You might find it difficult to accurately size a compression garment you should always speak to your surgeon or consult the manufacturer’s sizing charts before purchasing a garment.