4 Signs you need a bigger TV Screen Size


When it comes to our home, we want to adjust everything so that we feel as free and comfortable as possible. Knowing this, it’s nothing unusual that sometimes it may seem like there is always some new appliance, some new item on the market that we simply must have and add to our home. Of course, among all those so-called must-have things, for many of them we have no practical use for, but, from time to time, we find some item that really is worth it, no matter how much we paid for it. Some of those things are the basic ones we all have, like a dishwashing machine, a refrigerator that makes ice balls, a dryer, microwave, etc., but among items on this list, one surely dominates as most important, and that’s, understandably, the TV.

The role of the TV in our home

The role of the TV is much bigger than just describing it as some new piece of appliance that we have in our home. It doesn’t matter if we are using it for watching games, movies, TV shows, some live concerts, or even for reality programs, on a Sunday afternoon, where’s the telly, that’s where we are too. Yes, you football fans know what we are talking about, and this just proves the theory of the TV being the most crucial residential appliance. Of course, from time to time, we need to replace it with a new one, but there are also other circumstances when that change is simply a must, and all you need to look for are the signs. So, in order to make it easier for you, let’s go over things and signs that you need a bigger TV screen size.

The distance you are watching TV from is crucial

Many football fans know the struggle when their favorite team is playing, and they need to put the chair in front of the screen to see it properly and enjoy every moment. Sometimes it is the only way to notice that they need a bigger screen because watching a movie or some show is not a problem, but watching the game is since there are many details to be seen. Although this is individual, and some people love bigger screens no matter if they need them, there is one rule that you can follow if you are not sure which size to buy. Many manufacturers recommend multiplying the sitting distance from the screen with 0,9 to get the size of the TV diagonal, which is perfect for watching according to them.

Is too big TV actually a problem?

Now, this one is mostly about the personal preferences of each one of us, as we all have different tastes and likes. For some, if the large TV is placed in a room that’s not that big, it can leave an effect of being too dominant, and the overall effect would be that the room is much smaller. Now, even this is entirely subjective as some prefer it that way, and others don’t, so the main point here is about what you and those you live with want and like. Of course, the price always plays an important role in our decision making so if the time comes when you have to choose between much better TV quality wise and the one with higher screen size, it’s always better to go with the one with the better quality.

TV position

Another factor you need to consider is the position of the TV in the room because it can change many things and in some situations, you need to buy the bigger one. If we decide to put it on the tv stand, it will be much closer to us, and we will probably do not need a too big screen because we will sit in front of it, and be able to see everything. On the other side, if we choose to hang it on the wall, we need to consider that the distance will be much bigger, and small types cannot provide us with a full experience, so a small screen is not the option. Putting it on the wall allows us to see it from any corner of the room, but it requires some pretty huge diagonal, depending on the size of the room. Because of that, it is probably the best idea to decide where you want to put the TV before buying it to avoid purchasing a too small or too big one.

The resolution


We are all aware that the quality of the newer TVs is so good that we can see every detail and enjoy watching movies like we are watching them in the cinema and not to mention football games that look so real like we are in the stadium. There is one thing we need to know about the high resolution, and it is that no matter how high it is, we need to be able to sit near the TV to see the details or buy some extremely big TV, which is a pretty expensive option. If you buy an expensive TV with 8K resolution and cannot sit close enough, it will be the same like you bought a cheaper 4K option, so there is no need to spend extra money. Of course, the big diagonal can solve it, and if you are looking for the best possible experience, then there is no better choice than a big 8K TV that will make the whole watching experience much better.


There is usually more than just one TV in almost every house, meaning that your decision also depends on the room you want to place it in. Of course, the screen size isn’t everything and shouldn’t be the only thing that matters, as there are also other things to consider. That’s why, for most people, to go option is a 43-inch television because it’s suitable as both a second device and the main one, so, if you still don’t know which screen size would be the best for your home, make sure to visit here and take a closer look at the best 43 inch TVs currently on the market.

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