Navigating Careers on Capitol Hill


Last year, the panel was held on the topic “Navigating Careers on Capitol Hill.” The moderator of this panel was Rachel Hoff while the two panelists were Tim Morrison and Roger Zakheim. The attendees had a chance to hear different points regarding careers on Capitol Hill.

Rachel Hoff has a rich career behind her. She has been the Foreign Policy Initiative’s Director of External Affairs but before that she actually worked on Capitol Hill as Legislative Assistance and Research Analyst for Congressman Mac Thornberry. Her specialties were foreign affairs and national security problems. Rachel was also working for the American Enterprise Institute where she conducted research regarding the Middle East and anti-terrorism strategies.

The two panelists, Tim Morrison’s and Roger Zakheim’s resumes are just as impressive. For instance, Morrison was in Senator Kyl’s office in 2007 where he advised the Senator on defense, foreign affairs, and intelligence policy. Before entering the service of Senator Kyl, Time Morrison was Legislative Director for Congressman Mark Kennedy, and he holds a Juris Doctor degree from the George Washington University Law School.

On the other hand, Roger Zakheim was the Deputy Staff Director and General Counsel for the Committee on Armed Services of the US House of Representatives a few years ago. A part of his job includes developing and overseeing legislative activities of the Armed Services Committee. He has a BA degree from Columbia University, and he completed an M. Phil in International Relations from Cambridge University.

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