5 Must-Have Laboratory Consumables

Science is one of the most astonishing subjects and it is the subject of experiments. Experiments require a well equipped and maintained laboratory. Experiments and laboratories are part and parcel of each other. The theories and practicals of Science need proofs and experiments to pave the way for valid proof to be established. Any successful experiment needs a full-fledged laboratory for its success.

If you are about to set up a laboratory or manage the current one, you must ensure that you have all the necessary items. A well-established laboratory requires all the apparatus, lab supplies, chemicals along with proper ventilation. There is the various necessary equipment that you need for a laboratory but there are few laboratory consumables that are a must to have.

Let’s dive deep and find out what are the must-haves for you to set up the laboratory. Once you have gone through the article, you will be able to figure out the necessity.  This will ensure that your lab works without any hitch.

The 5 must-have laboratory consumables are as follows:

1. Safety equipment:

Chemicals are very dangerous and can sometimes cause severe harm to the person experimenting. While performing the experiments, one must be very careful with the chemicals and the equipment. They must also use all the safety precautions and available safety equipment to ensure the overall safety and success of the experiment.

Safety equipment is made in such a way that it ensures the person performing the experiments is well protected and is not harmed. The spill of harmful chemicals, burns, hazards is most likely to occur in the laboratory and protection from them is a must. Some of the safety equipment are Goggles, gloves, lab coats, aprons, face shields, fire blankets, etc. You should ensure that all the lab equipment are of the best kind.

Buying safety equipment may seem like a big expense, however, you should remember that your lab workers will be working with very volatile chemicals and materials. If you go cheap, and have them work unprotected, then you are putting them in danger. There is also a chance that if they get injured, you will be the one liable for them. They may even sue you for negligence. As a rule, it is best to invest in safety equipment. Buying a lead apron for example offers radiation protection if you and your employees are exposed to radiation in your work.

Aside from safety equipment, it is also a good idea to have safety protocols at the ready. Before you let any worker start, you should make sure that they are trained to handle any type of emergency. They should be given a set protocol on how to handle chemical fires and other kinds of emergencies. You should also install fire alarms and sprinklers all over the work site. Remember that your workers will be working with chemicals, so as rule, every safety method must be used.

2. Weighing equipment:

The success of the experiment highly depends on the amount of chemicals used. The right amount of chemical or chemical salt is required to experiment perfectly. The laboratory must have a weighing scale to measure the quantity of the chemical. A weighing dish is also required to weigh the chemical. You can find the right equipment for your laboratory from lab consumables china. Click here for more information.

3. Heating Equipment:

Many times you need to heat the apparatus to get the desired result or even perform the whole experiment with constant heating. Heat accelerates the experiment bringing you close to the result. Therefore, you need to have heating equipment to perform the experiments. Some of the heating equipment that you must have are a test tube, beaker, spatula, bunsen burner, hot plates, test tube holders, clamps of different kinds. There must be a fire extinguisher in the laboratory to prevent any fire in case of accidents. Also, heating equipment must be taken special care of while performing.

4. Equipment for chemicals and fluids:

Laboratories are a place that has an abundance of chemicals that might be as harmful as hydrochloric acid and even as harmless as sodium chloride. Various chemicals are also in a fluid state or form. All chemicals must be properly stored to avoid the reactions with each other, with oxygen and other gasses present in the air like carbon dioxide and to protect them from damage.

The laboratory must have all the equipment like glass jars for storing the chemicals, pipettes, burettes and many more. A good laboratory can only be made with the right equipment, chemicals and apparatus. You might also need a leva pack for packaging chemicals not in use.

5. Circuit requirements:

While conducting the experiments that involve electricity and circuit making, there are various requirements to complete the circuit. You need all the physical apparatus like battery, cells, wires and other available equipment. Additionally, you also need a Vacuum circuit breaker. A vacuum circuit breaker is a must to have in your laboratory to turn your laboratory into a quality and powerful laboratory.

These were some of the must-haves for your laboratory. You can make a list of this and start setting up the laboratory. Also, you can find out the additional laboratory items online.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Laboratory Consumables:

Buying laboratory consumables is a tough task but here’s the list of things that will assist you in making the right purchase for your laboratory.

  • Brand: Pay careful attention to the brand you are buying the laboratory consumables. Laboratories require good brand equipment to ensure proper safety.
  • Materials used: The material must be of the best quality for the consumables you are buying. Do not forget to check the material of the equipment before purchasing.
  • Performance: The performance of the consumables must be good that will help you carry out the experiments well.
  • Maintenance: You must purchase the consumables that require low maintenance.


Before deciding on the list of requirements, do check all the properties and safety features of the consumables. Also, do not forget to have all the must-have consumables in your laboratory.