Top 10 Music Hits on Billboard in September 2024

To create this chart, the number of songs that classic and active radio stations across the US played during this week. It’s not just a common term for a specific time in the music world. It’s a distinct time style, lifestyle, and musical style. A truly great song can transcend time, and its appeal transcends generations.

If you’re a fan of the music, you’re likely to find you’ve been looking for an inventory of the greatest hits in the genre. A lot of people’s reactions to music last a long time because it alters people’s moods as well as their thoughts. These best tracks in 2024 are reviewed within this article.

10 Music Hits on Billboard:

1.  “Substance” by Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato presents herself as what we might call more sophisticated than the average person. The reason is that Demi believes that she has “the only one yearning for substance.” From the viewpoint of the vocalist, people should seek alternatives to the information available to them.

2.  “Catch Me in the Air” Rina Sawayama:

The latest song from Rina Sawayama’s forthcoming second album, Hold the Girl It, is now available. “Catch Me in the Air” is the title of the track. The song was composed by Sawayama, an ode to her mother, who raised her as a pop star on her own. The end of 2020 marked the start of Sawayama’s “Catch Me in the Air” songwriting.

3.  “Ghost” by Justin Bieber:

It was awe-inspiring when Justin Bieber‘s Justice single “Peaches” debuted at on the Hot 10 upon Album launch. Still, it could be even more impressive with the release of the track “Ghost,” which finally climbed into the top 10 on the chart in February. Only the top famous pop stars today can achieve this slow rise for a single this far into an album. It’s not difficult to comprehend why pop radio eventually found “Ghost” to be unavoidable because it’s a tender love song with a tempo beat that never gets boring, the listener intrigued, and a complex yet powerful melody: “I miss you more than life.”

4.  “As It Was” by Harry Styles:

“You know it’s not the same as it was” is a perfectly apt statement during the past two or more years; however, Harry Styles appears to be telling a more intimate story with the bubbly debut single off his Harry’s House LP. Rather than just how the world turned over for everybody affected by the global pandemic. The song is so distinctive in style that it starts with a touching goodnight message from his daughter and includes his name in the lyrics. The singer’s mellow third solo album got an appropriately warm opening with this hypnotic track, which builds just enough anticipation for the pop-punk wonders to follow.

5.  “Woman” by Doja Cat:

If you can write an effective chorus for a smashing track that is mostly one word repeated many times, then you’re a star. But you’re the ultimate star when you write it for the album’s fourth track. The tiniest Doja Cat song “Woman” stuck around in the lower levels of the Hot 100 for a long time before its hypnotic Afrobeats shuffle, a mind-boggling hook, and the witty and casually anthemic rap lyrics destroyed any radio resistance. Doja’s “Woman,” now the third-most-popular song from her massive Planet Her set, is creating an already tense Main Pop Girl debate for 2024 that seems increasingly absurd.

6.  “Provenza” by Karol G:

“Provenza” Karol G shows that she is at a stage in her career where she can do anything right. She effortlessly switches between tried and true reggaeton to empowerment themes to create a new style of female song. “Provenza,” set to a calypso-like beat, has an impressionistic feel of an impressionist drawing romantic and beautiful, even soft, yet with an underlying force.

7.  “Big Energy” by Latto:

This pop/rap smash soared all the way to the number. Ranked on the Billboard Hot 100, Latto is a plethora of fun. The track is a reworking of the 1981 Pop-Funk classic “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club. Mariah Carey, whose 1995 hit song “Fantasy” also referenced “Genius,” Latto gave his breakthrough track an extra boost by collaborating with DJ Khaled in its official remix.

8.  “That’s Where I Am” by Maggie Rogers:

Maggie Rogers is a maestro of soundscapes that blend genres, yet she hasn’t released new music for the past three years, even though she earned a master’s degree at Harvard Divinity School. The first single from her forthcoming album Surrender is the heartbreaking song “That’s Where I Am,” Rogers provides an electronic intro with a glitchy stutter, a full-on rave-up, and a slick acoustic break. Painful vocals accompany the anthemic and philosophical track, “Even boulders turn into sand/ Wherever you go, that’s where I am.”

9.  “Love Me More” by Mitski:

From Mitski’s comeback album Laurel Hell Mitski track “Love Me More” sees her as lusty and hungry as ever, yanking for love on a fast 80s disco synth beat featuring fast-paced instrumentation that matches the vocals of the chorus. “Love Me More” examines her relationship to fame and her desire for reciprocity and approval, unlike many of her heartbreaking love ballads.

10.  “About Damn Time” by Lizzo:

In the song “About Damn Time,” Lizzo is at her most self-centered and adoring. The first single off her forthcoming Album Special, “About Damn Time,” shows that Lizzo’s brand new Lizzo is as flirty, fun, and clever as we’ve witnessed; the singer “might be better.” No matter if the song is listened to by watching the music video featuring Lizzo dressed in a sparkling bodysuit or through repeated attempts to nail that, “About Damn Time” is as charming as it is.


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