Moving Nationwide During the Pandemic? What’s your Safety Plan?

Pandemic has changed how humans used to interact or do things. It is more than a year into the pandemic and we have learned a whole new chapter about being safe and maintain distance. While things halted for quite some time, life has to kick start again. There are many things that do not stop and moving to new places is one of them. There are endless reasons why one has to change their base. The stressful event has now become more overwhelming thanks to the constant risk of getting infected, even though the conditions are largely under control. According to top rated nationwide movers associated with, people still have their doubts about hiring professional moving help and planning a relocation. It is natural to be skeptical but, if you have to move, you got to do it anyway.

Gladly, there are a few tips that the experts share with us with the aim to make the tough relocation amid the pandemic easier for you.

Engage with nationwide movers who have a COVID-19 safety policy

The first thing to look for when searching for a moving company is their concern towards their employees and clients. A reliable moving company must have a COVID-19 action plan in place to ensure safe operations during these uncertain times. The policy must be through with inclusions such as daily check-in screenings of the employees to have up-to-date status in their health, regular hand washing and sanitizing, and minimized customer contact provisions. Moving a house is a complex process and it is best to ensure that you are associated with health-concerned professionals on your way.

Virtual moving estimates are win-win

While in-person/ in-house estimates have had their advocates since forever, the pandemic has changed the situation a lot. Post pandemic, it is best to get virtual estimates for moving a house and office and ensure the safety of yourself and the family. Online estimates limit the contact with the movers and safeguard you against the virus. The most reliable movers use modern AI-based technology to ensure that the in-house estimates are as much accurate as possible. You can submit a video of your moving inventory and the smart apps offer you a moving estimate. Moving companies that are concerned about offering customer-friendly services are finding newer ways to combine innovation and convenience.

Stay ahead of the schedule

Whatever you do, make sure you stay ahead of your schedule. Especially when it comes to packing, try and pack 24-hour before the arrival of the movers. Coronavirus has an unpredictable survival time on different surfaces and hence packing in advance makes the entire operation safe for you as well as the movers. Although the movers come equipped with all sorts of personal protective equipment, a little precaution goes the extra mile. Advance packing also means that the movers can start loading the truck as soon as they arrive. The whole exercise saves you a lot of time and effort.

Restock your sanitation supplies and masks

When you engage with a credible moving company, the movers will arrive with a healthy stock of masks and sanitation supplies to ensure the safety of both parties involved. However, as an additional layer of protection, you must make a COVID-19 prevention kit for the moving process. The kit must contain ample masks and sanitation supplies including hand sanitizer, masks, and disinfecting wipes. The movers will take the responsibility of sanitizing themselves as well as the equipment. However, it is always better to stay precautious and sanitize yourself as well as the new house during the move.

Choose storage only when necessary

When moving nationwide, storage facilities come up as a reliable option to cut down the moving woes. There are a lot of unpacked boxes with you that can be unpacked later. These boxes do crowd the house and leave you with limited space. In such situations, hiring a storage unit is a feasible option. Considering the pandemic situation, it is best to avoid moving a lot of times and prevent cross-contamination.

The best practice is to counsel the moving company about their storage services and how they are maintaining the sanitation guidelines. Many movers offer discounted rates on storage units. Try to find such moving and storage providers. However, it is recommended that you must avoid hiring a storage unit in the first place.

Discuss it through with your moving company

Discussing all the crucial information about the move with the movers is crucial. If god forbid, a member of your family catches a coronavirus infection during the moving process, it is crucial to inform the moving company about the event. You must ask the movers to schedule the move for a later date and avoid any problems. The best movers will be willing to offer you all the assistance required and will be ready with the flexible scheduling policy.

Even if you test positive for the infection immediately after the move, you must inform the movers then as well. This will help the movers take the necessary actions at their end.

Follow the coronavirus guidelines at all times

Finally, it is of utmost importance that you follow all the COVID-related restrictions and health guidelines issued by the health authorities. From social distancing to sanitation restrictions and more, make sure you stay safe throughout the process & beyond.

While you cannot avoid moving, you must always try to ensure full safety during the moving process. These tips will help you move with all safety and make your nationwide move successful while following the Coronavirus precautions. Keep the above-mentioned aspects in mind and plan a safe and successful move.  The virus has been tamed but still out of control. It is advised to make your moving process as safer as possible and enjoy the transition process. Find a reliable moving company that has a COVID-19 actin plan in place and get started with your moving process.