Mountain House: The Best Choice for Nature Lovers

If the spectacular beauty of the majestic mountains moves and inspires you. If vast open skies fill you with contentment and awe, a mountain house is where you should live. Surely, there are a lot of people who don’t enjoy living in big cities where crowds and traffic is something that bothers people quite a bit. Nowhere else could you acquire such astounding experiences: The vibrant sunrises and the equally tranquil sunsets, the amazing sports you could enjoy with your company, the pleasures of food and drinks high above the land. You will discover how exciting life could be. However, this is something you need to see for yourself before you can experience it in the best possible way.

Mountain houses not only offer you spacious living, but they also offer added privacy. It makes perfect sense if you know that there’s no one nowhere near you and that you don’t have to face similar problems you would face if you live in the city. Instead, they have a distinct appeal where you could enjoy all seasons in their prime. Therefore, many people are eager to have an experience like this. However, building a mountain house could be intimidating. But thanks to The House Plan Shop, you have the opportunity to can check hundreds of mountain house plans available on the internet.

Here are some important elements that you should consider before building your mountain house to make the experience a rewarding one.

1. Analyze the cost of Construction

Building a Mountain home could be expensive. For starters, you need to buy a lot to build the house on. Plus, chances are that the place where you will buy the material is not near you. Therefore, you will need to invest a significant amount of money to transport them to the location of your liking. You do not want to exhaust your resources on the foundations. For that, you have to plan an estimate for the foundations and the home itself.

Always keep a surplus, as once the construction gets started, there is still something that will be more than your estimation. Keep a budget for unexpected costs.

2. Site Selection


Do not proceed to pick out a location for just the view. You will need to consider many elements to make your mountain home as cost-effective as possible. You need to get professional help from an architect or an engineer even for selecting the site.

If you do not consider the topography, and there are a lot of trees or stones in the area, or a creek nearby, it does sound like heaven but increases your cost many folds.

Choose a considerably flat area, which could pass as a miniature plain. Next, you should carefully study the site that you choose. It would be wise to have a professional take a look. Getting professional advice is actually a smart investment. You can get an engineer to inspect the location and its surroundings.

3. Plan Exits

While you make your site plans, keep in mind that the weather in the mountains might get rough. You might be stuck indoors for days; therefore, you should set up more than one entrances and exits. Naturally, there are many different problems you can have due to the weather conditions. So, it wouldn’t hurt you to prepare yourself in the best possible way.

That way, you will have more than one option to resolve the problem that arises at some point. The access roads should be near your location for an easy commute. There should more than one road leading to the access roads from your house. This will come in handy if one gets caved in.

Make sure public utilities, like water, sewerage are attainable. You have to arrange for a well or a septic system for your sewerage.

4. Construction Design

Construction designs for mountain houses are not as simple as an ordinary house. You have to consider the weather conditions in the mountains. So, you cannot rely on the same types of design that you can use if you live in different weather conditions. As you can presume, it requires a lot of research before you can make the ultimate decision about what you should do in these situations.

Your house should be anchored to the mountain. If you are building on a slope, consider the erosion level of the hill. You do not want your home sliding away in a few years. Professional mountain house designers and builders know how to forge a stable foundation.

5. Embody the Natural Beauty of the Mountains

When designing your house plans, keep in mind to incorporate the natural charm of the mountains. Try to keep minimal damage to trees to disturb the genuine spirit of the mountains as minimal as possible.

Construct an outdoor relaxing space to enjoy the natural scenery. Think of every minute detail and plan well ahead to accomplish the house of your dreams. Your plans should be practical and within your budget.

6. Recruit an experienced local mountain building workforce

To carry out your plans as compassionately as you want to, invest in people who know what they are doing. It is better to find a local workforce familiar with the general problems in the area. Choose people who have a positive reputation as you would be working with them for a few months.

House building procedure in a nutshell

Follow the below-mentioned steps with the help of this personnel:

i)Get all necessary permits.

ii)Evacuate the area around your house

iii)Dig the foundations

iv)Construct house frame

v)Install woodwork

vi)Get plumbing and electrics done.

vii)Fix flooring

viii)Paint away

ix)Get it furnished

x)Get your house inspected by professionals for safety.

xi)Get a certificate of occupancy.

xii)Move into your new home.