Most Popular Politicians on Youtube

A fan of YouTube, along with the topic of politics? Some of your favorite people are already on this social platform, and others are just waiting for the right opportunity to start their channel. Some politicians prefer to use Twitter, others love Instagram, and some are still on Facebook! Want to know a bit more about this social approach? Here are some interesting facts and interesting people to look into, understand, as well as follow on social media, keep on reading!

Why Are People Turning To YouTube?

It is one of the most trafficked sites in the world, and it has a lot of potentials when it comes to your personal and business-related videos. Nowadays, you can see loads of different adds that are targeted and fully determined towards the political market. Now, everyone will understand how to vote due to some sponsored adds, as well as because of loads of different content creators that are making this process approachable, easy to understand, as well as fun, and captivating!

What Was The History Like In Regards To YouTube And Politics?

In 2008 a lot of party candidates began to use YouTube to announce different candidacies and to follow more traditional outlets. By 2012 over 600 candidates for political office have had their official channel in the US. With YouTube, you are allowing for better communication between your audience, and you are also exploring new ways and different tools in marketing. This is why it might come in handy for you to entertain the audience, and gain more exposure!

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Top 15 Most Popular Politicians On YouTube Or Podcast

1. The Young Turks

This duo is from Los Angeles and they are all about showing the news to the world. They make videos weekly and have been in politics since 2005.

2. Bloomberg Politics


This is an amazing resource for people who want to soak in some intellectual news, smart and analytic videos. This resource has been around since 2016 and seems like it will not go down any time soon.

3. The Daily Wire


You can get all of your important news in one place, and with one click of a button! There is a lot of content, and you will enjoy the presence and vibe of Ben Shapiro in almost all videos. There is a lot of content for everyone to binge on.

4. C-Span

This YouTube account is all about public affairs and getting to the bottom of every story. This is a private, non-profit public service that talks about new remarkable discoveries in politics.

5. VisualPolitik

If you want to combine the world of the economy along with politics, this is your perfect and ideal podcast. It has up to three videos a week and is for professionals and beginners who are just getting into politics.

6. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


This show is run by Emmy and Peabody, the award-winning program that looks and talks about headlines all over the globe. You will enjoy their entertaining videos, as well as a lot of content that has been around since 2016.

7. Roaming Millenial


If you want to listen to a millennial talk and preach about politics, this is your perfect podcast. There are usually three videos per week, and the show is perfect for anyone who is into debates, as well as longer talks.

8. LiberalViewer


A lawyer who is also an ACLU activist gets down and through all of it! He is also a stay-at-home dad who loves to talk about politics in his videos. He also shoots one video per week, and he is always on topic!

9. StevenCrowder

Want to experience the conservative side of YouTube? This is an individual who talks about politics in a funny way. If you want to have a laugh and enjoy a good comic performance, you will enjoy his approach, as well as his talk about any global or current issues.

10. Donald J. Trump For President

Donald Trump has been banned from several different social platforms due to his inappropriate approach after losing the elections. However, there is still a dedicated YouTube channel that takes care of his content and uploads a couple of videos per week.

11. VisualPolitik


If you want to listen to some international and global issues, as well as problems, head over to VisualPolitik. This is a Spain based politics channel that covers most news in their weekly episodes.

12. The Next News Network

This is an amazing and liberal media that talks about global and geopolitical issues in the US. They also cover most national headlines and corruption articles in their videos. If you want to get informed and you need in-depth info, this is your resource.

13. The White House

Did you know that the White House has had its official YouTube channel? This YouTube channel has been around since 2006, and they have been making up to 5 videos per week to keep you informed with all the latest news and events that have been going on in The White House.

14. Mark Dice

Exposing liberals and talking about manipulation, this is the perfect channel on YouTube that doesn’t care nor mind saying whatever they want. Conservative channels will usually get to the bottom of an issue, and this channel is all about social justice and has been like so since 2007.

15. David Pakman Show

Last, but not least, David Pakman is a national syndicate who loves to talk on loads of different TV shows and radio, as well as podcasts. If you are from the US you will enjoy his content.