Most Entertaining Self-Motivation Methods

What you find entertaining can be different from what others find entertaining. It can be subjective because people and individuals have different preferences. Some people can find joy in the mundane and some people are harder to please. But to simply understand what entertains people it should: first, grab a person’s attention and then it must be aligned with a person’s interest. Entertainments means enjoyment. And how do we find enjoyment in motivation?

Before we list all the things that can be motivating as well as entertaining, let us first understand what motivation is and its two different types so we understand we find some things easier to do and some harder to do. To learn more, read this article further.

Motivation is the reason why we act or behave in a particular way. In terms of productivity, it is why we do the things we do. It is usually because of the incentive we get for something. But what are these incentives?

There are two types of motivation, and these are intrinsic and extrinsic Intrinsic motivation is doing things because you enjoy doing them and not because you are forced to do it. This type of motivation is personal and could vary for each individual. Things that interest you, skills that you want to develop, and things that are fun to do like your hobbies can be considered as intrinsic motivation. Basically intrinsic motivation is doing things that can cause you satisfaction and fulfillment. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is doing things that gives you rewards “externally”. It can be tangible or intangible rewards. Tangible rewards could be the salary you get from your job or a medal that you win from a competition. An example of intangible rewards is praise you get from doing a job from your boss. Extrinsic motivation is basically doing things so that when you perform, achieve or do something you can get a reward that is given by other people.

Motivating oneself is easier said than done. It is easy to keep yourself motivated when it comes to your hobbies and interest but when it’s time to do things that you consider boring or things that you are not interested in it is harder to keep focused or to finish tasks. So what can you do to motivate yourself in a way that you also find entertaining?

Here are several ways:

1. Give yourself a reward for finishing tasks

If you are a student who is dreading to finish homework for a subject you do not like. For example, law schools are considered to be the hardest in terms of schedules and amount of stress (see law school rankings on Test Max), as studying 24/7 gets you good grades but doesn’t help mental well-being. Make a deal with yourself that you’ll do something enjoyable once you are done It can be getting your favorite meal to eat for dinner or letting yourself play your favorite video game after.

If you are working and you are feeling burned out but you have a big presentation due and you feel like you’re only dragging yourself to the office at this point, maybe reward yourself a day trip to the beach on the weekend with your friends or even simpler you can make a deal with yourself that you’ll treat yourself to a good movie with all your favorite snacks when all your work is done.

2. Get the hard stuff done first

This can be tied up with giving yourself a reward when you finish a task. Doing everything during the day and the rest of the afternoon can give you time to do things during the night. Whether you use that time to relax or watch movies or play video games that’s enough motivation to not procrastinate during the day so you can have the free time late in the day or at night time before you go to bed.

3. Eat Right

Doing this can help yourself become more productive during the day because eating right can make you feel energized and when you eat good, you feel good. Who doesn’t like eating anyway?

4. Get Some Rest

Rest can come in different forms and there are actually 7 types of rest. Physical rest, mental rest, social rest, creative rest, emotional rest, spiritual rest, and sensory rest. Taking a break is actually important for productivity. You can finish or do more tasks when you are well rested because you are recharged. When you are well rested it can also guarantee that you do quality work compared to pushing yourself to do more even when you are tired. If taking the rest you deserve isn’t motivating enough after doing hours and hours of productive stuff, then I don’t know what is.

5. Focus on the positive

Remind yourself why you do certain things. Let yourself know about the rewards or the long term outcome of the things you do so you are constantly reminded why you have to keep pushing and why you have to keep moving forward.

6. Encourage others

Once you do this to others you will automatically see them doing this to you in return. Spread positive vibes and it will come back to you. If you do this in the workplace. Wouldn’t your workplace be 100% more a good environment to work in? Of course it will be.

7. Exercise

If you are an active person, make it a habit to exercise regularly! Exercising can also make you feel recharged and ready for the day. In the long run, if you look good, you feel good!

8. Read

If exercising isn’t your thing and you are more of a homebody, then reading might be for you. Reading can be motivating especially if you read things that can be inspirational. Like real-life stories of successful people. It is inspirational and motivating learning about their struggles and how they overcome and things going their way in the end.

In the end just remember that a balance of everything is a good motivation. Do not drain yourself working. Rest, eat, sleep, and spend time with your family. If you do not feel restrained by your work you will not despise doing it. Self control, patience, perseverance and discipline is also important to achieve goals.

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