30 Most Common Nouns That Start with S to Sparkle Your English

S is absolutely one of the sexiest letters in the English alphabet. We can see it frequently used almost everywhere, in articles, essays, and speeches. If you don’t believe, just pick up a novel and check how many S words there are! Therefore we decided to specially compile a list of nouns that start with S.

To make sure all the S nouns in our list are truly useful, we carefully selected the most common ones and excluded rare ones that nobody uses. So you can expect this is a short list, but rest assured basically all nouns beginning with S you’ll ever need can still be found in this list. Without further delay, let’s dive into these nouns starting with S presented by

1. Sea

Definition: the salty water that covers a large part of the surface of the earth, or a large area of salty water, smaller than an ocean, that is partly or completely surrounded by land

Example: We went swimming in the sea.

2. Sale

Definition: an act of exchanging something for money

Example: The building company gets commission on each house sale.

3. Season

Definition: one of the four periods of the year; spring, summer, autumn, or winter

Example: There will be more documentaries and fewer quiz shows in the autumn season on TV.

4. Scandal

Definition: (an action or event that causes) a public feeling of shock and strong moral disapproval

Example: If there is the slightest suggestion of scandal, the public will no longer trust us.

5. Scale

Definition: a set of numbers, amounts, etc., used to measure or compare the level of something

Example: How would you rate his work on a scale of 1 to 5?

6. Sadness

Definition: the feeling of being unhappy, especially because something bad has happened

Example: Her sadness at her grandfather’s death was obvious.

7. Secret

Definition: a piece of information that is only known by one person or a few people and should not be told to others

Example: Why did you have to go and tell Bob about my illness? You just can’t keep a secret, can you?

8. September

Definition: the ninth month of the year, after August and before October

Example: My mother’s birthday is in September.

9. Shadow

Definition: an area of darkness, caused by light being blocked by something

Example: The children were playing, jumping on each other’s shadows.

10. Shelter

Definition: (a building designed to give) protection from bad weather, danger, or attack

Example: They opened a shelter to provide temporary housing for the city’s homeless.

11. Signal

Definition: something that shows that something else exists or is likely to happen

Example: The changing colour of the leaves on the trees is a signal that it will soon be autumn.

12. Silence

Definition: a period without any sound; complete quiet

Example: A loud crash of thunder broke the silence of the night.

13. Singer

Definition: a person who sings

Example: Bryn Terfel is a famous singer from Wales.

14. Silver

Definition: a chemical element that is a valuable shiny, white metal, used for making cutlery, jewellery, coins, and decorative objects

Example: We gave them a dish made of solid silver as a wedding present.

15. Safety

Definition: a state in which or a place where you are safe and not in danger or at risk

Example: For your safety, we recommend you keep your seat belt loosely fastened during the flight.

16. Solution

Definition: the answer to a problem

Example: She just seems so unhappy and I don’t know what the solution is.

17. Spark

Definition: a very small piece of fire that flies out from something that is burning, or one that is made by rubbing two hard things together, or a flash of light made by electricity

Example: Sparks were flying out of the bonfire and blowing everywhere.

18. Stadium

Definition: a large closed area of land with rows of seats around the sides and often with no roof, used for sports events and musical performances

Example: Thousands of fans packed into the stadium to watch the match.

19. Savior

Definition: a person who saves someone from danger or harm

Example: In Christianity, the Savior is a name for Jesus.

20. Scholar

Definition: a person who studies a subject in great detail, especially at a university

Example: Dr Miles was a distinguished scholar of Russian history.

21. Script

Definition: the words of a film, play, broadcast, or speech

Example: Two writers collaborated on the script for the movie.

22. Sculpture

Definition: the art of forming solid objects that represent a thing, person, idea, etc. out of a material such as wood, clay, metal, or stone, or an object made in this way

Example: The museum has several life-sized sculptures of people and animals.

23. Sense

Definition: an ability to understand, recognize, value, or react to something, especially any of the five physical abilities to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel

Example: With her excellent sense of smell, she could tell if you were a smoker from the other side of the room.

24. Scene

Definition: a part of a play or film in which the action stays in one place for a continuous period of time

Example: The whole of the banquet scene is mimed.

25. Shape

Definition: the particular physical form or appearance of something

Example: Clay can be moulded into almost any shape.

26. Share

Definition: a part of something that has been divided between several people

Example: We ought to make sure that everyone gets equal shares of the food.

27. Sight

Definition: the ability to see

Example: If your sight is poor, you should not drive a car.

28. Significance

Definition: importance

Example: They were offered a few cosmetic improvements to their working conditions, but nothing of significance.

29. Size

Definition: how large or small something or someone is

Example: We are concerned about the size of our debt.

30. Smile

Definition: a happy or friendly expression on the face in which the ends of the mouth curve up slightly, often with the lips moving apart so that the teeth can be seen

Example: He winked and gave me a smile.

Primary English learners usually struggle with writing and speaking. And the biggest difficulty for them lies in lack of vocabulary, especially nouns to name a person, an object, a place, or anything else. As the most popular letter, if you can get a perfect hold of these nouns beginning with S, you’ll definitely see a difference instantly.

Keep practicing these S nouns every day whenever you have an opportunity. Believe me, it won’t take long before excelling yourself and build a confident self-image. Get ready to impress everybody!