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Mindhunter Season 2: Everything We Know About This Chilling Netflix Drama

Mindhunter season 1 was first released on Netflix in October 2017. This chilling Netflix drama brings David Fincher as the producer and Asif Kapadia as the director of the show. Additionally, there is an even more murderous cast of characters. Mindhunter focuses on the origins of criminal psychology and the serial killers involved. It became a huge success and it was quickly renewed for a second season. So, if you are among the many fans which are eager to see the second season, you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve composed an article to share everything there is to know about Mindhunter season 2.

Mindhunter Season 2 Premiere

In August last year, Holt McCallany, the series star, said that they are in the process of filming the second season and that we shouldn’t expect new episodes until 2019. It was revealed that the second season is being filmed in Pennsylvania and a man was arrested for walking across the set without authorization only one month after. Hence, there is no official premiere date yet.

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Mindhunter Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official information regarding the released date or the trailer. The trailer for Mindhunter season 1 was released in March 2017 and the series debuted only seven months later. So, if Netflix plans to release the second reason this year, we should get the trailer pretty soon.

Mindhunter Season 2 Episodes

It is believed that the second season of Mindhunter will feature eight episodes, directed by Andrew Dominik, Fincher, and Carl Franklin.

Mindhunter Season 2 Killers

In a 2017 interview, composer Jason Hill revealed that the second season will explore the series of crimes now known as the Atlanta Child Murders. It has also been revealed that there was a recent casting call for the second season where children were cast. So, the only thing that is known about one of the upcoming plots is that it’s going to be the Atlanta Child Murders.

It was also rumored that another part of the plot is going to be Charles Manson. It was reported that actor Damon Harriman had been cast as Manson in Mindhunter season 2. It was confirmed that Damon Harriman had wrapped his scenes as Manson in Mindhunter in July.

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Cameron Britton, who played Ed Kemper in Mindhunter Season 1, didn’t want to comment on whether he will be part of the show in the second season. In an interview, Britton revealed the reasons why he and the fans love his character. He stated that he holds true to the very last scene of the show and you never know where he is coming from.

Other Killers in Mindhunter Season 2

It is believed that some of the remaining killers in Mindhunter season 2 are going to be Elmer Wayne Henley, William Pierce, William Henry Hance, and Paul Bateson. Moreover, it was believed that other killers are likely to appear in season2, including Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Patrick Kearney.

Mindhunter Season 2 Plot

Based on the casting call copy, the second season will likely take on the Atlanta Child Murders. Then, in July last year, there was a casting call released for actors who could play upscale movie theater patrons and another call who called specifically for African-American extras. The Mind hunters casting team confirmed the production would pay $75 for the rights to family photos of young African American children between the ages of 5-12.

Additionally, there has a leaked photo of the second season which depicts the two men wrestling a large white cross into a car. It has been said that the Mind hunters team hasn’t used any consultants in order to better portray the show’s various serial killers and their psychology.