Michael Reagan Net Worth 2021 – Son of Former US President

Whether you know him as a writer, a television host, a political commentator, or a Republican strategist, you know that Michael Reagan is a highly successful and widely recognized man. He is the adopted son of the former US president Ronald Reagan and actress Jane Wyman, who was also a well-known singer, dancer, and philanthropist. Michael Reagan first became popular as a radio talk show host, primarily due to his special talking style. Now, let’s learn a little bit more about his early life and his net worth in 2021.

Early life

Michael Reagan was born on 18 March 1945 in California to mother Irene Flaugher and father John Bourgholtzer, a U.S. Army Corporal. It was shortly after his birth that he was adopted by Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. He attended Loyola High School for a while before he was expelled, and later on, he continued his education in Judson School and Arizona State University. Then he enrolled in Angeles Valley College, but he never graduated.


As previously mentioned, Michael Reagan did become popular as a radio host, but that was not how he started. He first worked as a salesman for the clothing company Hart, Schaffner & Marx, and then moved on to the Michaelson Food Service Company, where he was a director. After that, he took a shot as an actor, but he only had some minor roles, including his appearance in “Falcon Crest” alongside his mother. It was after his short career in acting that he became a radio host for the show KABC in LA, and he also hosted The Michael Reagan Show. Finally, he also wrote an autobiography “Michael Reagan: On the Outside Looking In” and “Twice Adopted,” a book that tells us more about his feelings of rejection.

Awards and achievements

His biggest achievement was the Victory Award for his contribution in the category of Outstanding Sports and Humanitarian Achievement.

Michael Reagan Net Worth

Michael Reagan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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