Mexican Brewer Puts a Stop to Corona Production

The Mexican brewer responsible for producing Corona beer suspended the production because of the global pandemic of COVID-19. At the same time, the Grupo Modelo stated that the decision was based on the Government’s opinion of their business as non-essential. Corona beer, as well as the other brands like Modelo and Pacifico, are exported to 180 different countries in the world.

The company’s statement proclaims that they are in the process of lowering the production and that they are at bare minimum at this time. The complete suspension is going to be in a couple of days. Just to remind you, the Government of Mexico declared a health emergency and suspended non-essential activities after the number of coronavirus in their country surpassed a thousand.

On last Thursday, the numbers were 50 deaths and 1510 cases. The popular brewer stated that the suspension will start as of Sunday and that they are in the process of lowering it. However, it could stay at the minimum level until the suspension is lifted by the government. In the end, the company stated that if the government considers it necessary to declare beer production as an agro-industrial product, they could execute a strategic plan of 75% of the staff working from home and that they can produce the same supply of bear as they did before the global pandemic.